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Hello GoodBye Presents...

Saturday 4th Novemeber
12 Bar Club
Denmark Street
London WC2

8PM - Late

Admission 6/5 (if you print this out!)

Resonance FM's deXter Bentley host the Hello GoodBye show every Saturday from noon to 1.30 and tonight offer some extraordinary music from 4 truly amazing bands who have recently appeared live on the show.


Of numerous attempts to describe the deXter Bentley sound, 'end of the pier psychedelic folk' seems to get nearest to the mark. Ploughing their own particular furrow of un-hip pop, their idiosyncratic kitchen-sink dramas never draw the same comparison twice. Debut LP 'In Order Alphabetical' is out now on Blob recordings.


Icelandic/British duo Salt & Blue generate a sound that evokes both folk and chamber ensemble traditions. Employing hurdy gurdy, cello, mandolin and voice, they draw inspiration in equal measure from both the majestic melancholy of the ocean and the muted menace of the woods. Wearing their penchant for ancient folklore on their sleeves, Salt & Blue unashamedly conjure up fantastical worlds inhabited by goblins and mermaids, producing some startlingly original and utterly timeless music in the process.


'Free-folk’ ensemble Hamilton Yarns hail from the south coast of England. Their music is a sweeping canvas of seemingly spontaneous atmospherics concocted from harmonium, cornet, clarinet and flute, beautifully combined with wonky pop lyricism. Ambling nonchalantly through the themes of their songs are a motley crew of grubs, bugs, badgers and foxes, all hell bent on their mission to explore the subconscious, superstition and the weather. The band have recently released their 6th LP in 4 years, the superb ‘The Show-Boat, Over’.


Dressing in slightly disturbing home made animal costumes is but one indication of Tea & Toast Band's wholehearted embrace of a childlike exuberance towards both performance and music. Their unorthodox song writing methods find them in one instant utilising a massed gargling choir and in the next creating a frantic rhythmic backing with the aid of an upturned bicycle. To sum up, ‘Rhapsodic rural absurdity’ would be as good a phrase as any, but to be honest you're better off experiencing them first hand and supplying your own adjectives.


West Country quartet Hunting Lodge have already released a critically acclaimed debut LP, ‘Energy Czar’ (Blood Red Sounds), which is a challenging sonic masterpiece possessing all the subtlety of a wayward wrecking ball. Distant echoes of Pere Ubu's David Thomas can perhaps be deciphered in the distraught wailing of singer Dan Chandler, while the rest of the band simply bludgeon the listener into orgiastic submission with their pure, unbridled joie de vivre. Tonight finds Hunting Lodge completing the final leg of their European tour and we have been warned they could well be at each others' throats as a consequence… a sight most surely NOT to be missed.

(For a LIVE preview of Hamilton Yarns, Tea & Toast Band + Salt and Blue, tune in to the Hello GoodBye show on Resonance 104.4 fm on the day of the gig, Saturday 4th Nov, from 12.00 midday to 1.30pm.)

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