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Friday 20th October - LO FIDELITY ALLSTARS present LO - The Lo Fi’s are an internationally successful dj and recording act. As a band, they have sold over a million records worldwide. Their first LP, “How to Operate with a Blown Mind” featuring the hit single, “Battleflag” went on to sell over 400,000 albums in America, making them the biggest selling British act in the US at that time. This is their London residency featuring their very own chaos and distortion decks and fx dj sets. Free entry, doors 6pm

Saturday 21st October – STOP MAKING SENSE - Expect future wonky classics from your hosts/professional amateurs Leaf vs The Anarchic Hand.
Think r n' electro-disco-acid-rock-funk-hop-kinda type
thing. Free entry, doors 6pm

Sunday 22nd October – TURNING WORM - Dave & Piers legendary live music happening this month presents The Happiness & L.R Rockets + Special Guests. Plus resident Dj’s the Truckin Laura’s. Doors 7pm, entry 5.

Monday 23rd October – THE LOCAL AT THE SOCIAL – A debut night at little Portland st from the gentlemen responsible for some of the finest bills around at the moment. So not too much of a surprise to see that they’ve bagged us a brilliant line-up, headlining is DENISON WITMER from Philadelphia who’s emergent circle of talented peers includes: The Innocence Mission, Sufjan Stevens, My Morning Jacket, Damien Jurado, and Rosie Thomas. Denison has toured with all of these artists, some of whom appear as guest musicians on his new record, ‘Are You A Dreamer?’, He will be more than ably supported by Thrill Jockey’s CALIFONE and New York’s AARON STOUT. Doors from 7pm, entry 5.

Tuesday 24th October – PROJECTOR presents THE NEURAL OHMLETTE - Monthly creative electronic night shenanigans of inspired beats and collective weirdness on the decks shaped around live guests ranging from noise assault, electronics and acoustic kitsch. LA HUGHES live...pop glitch bitch synth duo outrage and inform with their own brand of sub peaches circus act.. expect bad make-up and sexed up femo 'lectro..with for the glam crowd. DON TEMPI live...cover versions of classic 70/80s tv adverts done on retro pacers/esso/scaletrix...personally im looking forward to mcanes oven chips..."we hope its chips its chips"...adrian of vic20 fame will be performing the ultimate kitsch side for the nostalgia buffs. CHICKS WITH DECKS guest dj's...further adventures into the surreal and bad taste world of 7" electronics and girl pop...featuring jen from ZoltanKodalyschoolforgirls. VOLUNTEER/YIMKIN/SPANISH KARAVAN...resident deck heads go commando with their own brand of aural assault and loved up ambience...think good cop bad cop routine..cagndey and lacey style. Free entry, doors 6pm

Wednesday 25th October – AMATEUR ATHLETICS - Full steam ahead for Amateur Athletics as Autumn arrives and the seasonally affected twitch nervously at the thought of the clocks going back. We don't care though - we like Autumn and we're celebrating it with an action packed night. There's live music from ROYAL TREATMENT PLANT and ZEX with the usual DJing tomfoolery from POLLE VAN DE GASH, NEUBARTON adn NUTCRACKER. ROYAL TREATMENT PLANT will be promoting their new single 'Carry Me' and have been described as 'like the yeah yeah yeahs with soul, like Kate Bush getting her shit together in a biker bar'. ZEX combine pop sensibilities with backgrounds in funk, electronics, krautrock and disco to produce head music for the dancefloor. so there! Free entry, doors 6pm

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