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price: free (unless specified)
dress code: none
Social, The
Late bar with cosy booths and a casual feel.
Sunday 1st October – POP VULTURE’S SUNDAY CARCASS - Expect the usual mix of psychedelic strangeness, garage rock, motorik grooves and electronica from the POP VULTURE DJs. Very special live guests FRIENDLY FIRES + HEADLAND. Doors 6pm, 3 entry

Monday 2nd October – WASH YOUR HANDS LIVE - This month lets nibble on a sandwich of some beautiful live sounds with fine music in between. Special live guests THE HIGH WIRE and EMMA McGLYNN AND THE MONORAILS will be keeping things sweet and hazy. The Good Lord and That Boy Nervous will play records, it will be more than reasonable. The High Wire release their debut single of psychedelic shoe gazing country on the nation on Oct 2nd. Emma McGlynn & The Monorails celebrate the launch of the first single from their new album before embarking on a European tour next month. Doors 7pm, 2 entry.

Tuesday 3rd October – PAMFLET MAGAZINE LAUNCH PARTY – Anna-Marie and Phoebe host a one off party to celebrate the release of Pamflet, they’ll be joined by HOTEL MOTEL + KATE NASH live and a whole host of djs playing classic girl bands, shimmering electro and future pop. Free entry, Doors 7pm

Wednesday 4th October – TIRED AND LONESOME - A night dedicated to freaks and weirdos and people who look like Kerry King. Live – KID CARPET – Playing his first major London headline show in almost a year and showcasing new material from his forthcoming new album ‘Fantasticate Your Mates’. THE DULOKS – Sexy Comedy Pop three piece make their return to the social to yet again berate the regulars and to entertain with songs such as ‘Help I’m turning into Mick Jagger’ and new smash hit ‘Morman Loving Momma’. DJs – Huw Stephens, the best DJ on Radio 1. Expect lounge cover versions of Slipknot songs. + Tired And Lonesome Soundsystem – Playing 13th Floor Elevators, Beyond The Wizard’s Sleeve and some proper Mike Atherton style techno mate, radio fuckin rental. Free entry, doors 6pm

Thursday 5th October – GET INVOLVED - This month you get a live performance thrown in to the no-pounds-for-an-evening-full-of-fun Get Involved deal: Joe Driscoll is coming to show how beatboxing, guitar playing and some cunning use of effects pedals equals much musical fun. Special DJ guest, Snuten, will also be present and correct, spinning some of her all-time favourite tunes. And your host for the evening, as ever, is the master of musical fun known simply as G the P. Has there ever been a better time to get involved? No, quite frankly, there hasn’t. Free entry, doors 6pm

Friday 6th October – BREAKIN BREAD presents FRIDAY NIGHT BREAD - Breakin Bread's intimate West End Session. Dirtybeatbreakinfunkandhiphop with a bit of disco and a touch of soul and anything else in between. ROB LIFE and SKEG on the decks with guests from the record label including GHOST, NATURAL SELF and PAUL T (Color Climax). Free entry, doors 6pm

Saturday 7th October – BROADER THAN BROADWAY – The Social’s very own ruffnek diskotek has been running for 2 or 3 years now, Carlos cant work out how long sadly so they never have birthday parties, instead they go to town on their own birthdays – this month its TK’s. To help celebrate they have a triple live bill featuring JAWBONE the one-man blues/garage/punk band from Detroit, a P.A from MISS ODD KIDD, and analogue meets digital in the form of HADOUKEN. Plus they’ll be old skool garage, jungle, dancehall, hip hop and other electronic business from birthday bitch TK and CARLOSTHESOCALLEDJACKYL. Free entry, doors 6pm

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