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Originally Posted by mattiaslarsson
Hi SY experts,
I have some questions about the reissues that came out on Goofin records a couple years ago (EVOL, Sister, Daydream Nation, etc):

1. Are both the vinyl and CD versions remastered, or only the vinyl versions (I have seen conflicting information about this)?
2. What about the digital download versions (included with vinyl), are they the same as the vinyl or CD (if these are not both remastered)?
3. Is it possible to purchase the digital albums, or are they only included with vinyl albums?
4. Are the CD's the same version as the original CD releases, or some later remaster (if the answer to question 1 is that only Goofin vinyls are remastered)?

I'd appreciate if someone could clarify.


Daydream Nation was remastered for both vinyl and CD. All the rest were remastered for vinyl but the CD versions simply use the Geffen masters so, aside from the Bad Moon Rising track markers being fixed, they are the same. The download codes that come with the vinyl are basically rips of the CD releases. The digital versions on itunes et al are the same Geffen masters too. Vinyl is the only way to get the remastered versions, it seems.
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