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Hi! Can anyone help me expand my Pussy Galore collection? I hope I'm posting this in the right place.

I have 8 FLAC shows to trade:

Live @ Gaskessel Biel Switzerland
Live @ Jed's New Orleans
Live @ Nightshift Connecticut
Live @ Old Vienna Mannheim Germany
Live @ Apocalypse Club - Toronto
Live @ The Channel - Boston
Live @ The Complex Washington DC
Live @ The Hoosier Ballroom

Exile On Main St. (with no glitch on "Tumbling Dice", most online versions have glitch, I have my own cassette copy)
Oven Bait (Unauthorized)
"Peel Sessions" (CBGB) - same show as "Live: In The Red"

I also have 10 other shows, but they are extremely lossy and I am looking to upgrade them to FLAC if possible.

Thank you for reading my message and for any help you might be able to provide

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