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Originally Posted by evollove
I mostly meant the song "Be." As a musician, I'm guessing you can appreciate the magic of the intro. The bass part shouldn't be able to flow into the rhythm of the rest of the song, but it does and it's surprising yet satisfying. Tricks my ears every time.

Is that a music thing or a personalty thing? He is a genius. What? He's not supposed to mention that? "I just told you what I thought I was. A god!" Yes. Yes. Fuck them.

And I'm so out of it, I thought he interrupted Taylor Swift at the Grammys. Recently learned it was the fucking Video Music Awards. Big whoop. Get over yourself world and be grateful he allows you to listen to his shit.

I'm not nearly the fan you are. But the tracks I love, I really love and listen to compulsively. "Jesus Walks" alone deserves a Nobel Prize.

Are you buttering me up because you kinda fucked with me yesterday? Cuz it’s working.

Hoenslfy from my experience it’s a personal thing. Most folks I know who have any interest in music at all will tell you the same boring thing: “As a person, I don’t like him, but his music’s good.”

Like that’s a novel concept or something? Yeah, you and everyone. Also, you don’t know him so how can you “not like him as a person?” You can not like his public antics, but you don’t know shit about who he actually is.

I also think he’s a genius, and not inna Hendrix way or a Lennon way, but more in a... Warhol way? I dunno. He synthesizes a creative process, and everything that goes into it, even if the individual element is engineered by someone else (Hudson Mohawk, Mike Dean, etc.), Kanye’s the one who says, “cool idea, but this is how I want to use it for this effect.”

Not that it’s always that way. He’s perfectly capable of making every creative decision on a project from lyrics to beats to production to art, but as his profile has grown, so has the size of the arena. What he did with his “Rap Camp” on MBDTF is an arfistic achievement of the highest degree. He has an ability to sort of “collage” sounds and ideas into *feelings,* so even when he’s calling some white girl a bitch or saying disgusting sex stuff, what you walk away with is an emotional button that has been pushed in a very satisfying way.

Yeah, it was the dumbass VMAs, not the Grammys. Oddly, a lot of people don’t know that. Who gives a shit? Also, he was 100% right. Beyoncé’s video was better and so was her song. Not even a contest.

That moment is pretty widely seen as either a sick burn or a colossal fail, but it kickstarted a conversation that is ongoing to this day about institutional racism in award shows. *shrug*

Have you seen the video where he says that? That, “I told you what I was, a god!” thing? He actually drills into some pretty serious shit in that rant. “Would it have been better if I’d said I’m a ni**er?” I mean, he says it with venom and sounds like a whiny child, but his points valid. “What you don’t like is the fact that this guy who’s supposed to be a n***er is has the audacity to call himself a god, when a ni**er is all he should ever be” or some such.

Pretty interesting, really.

Also, “Jesus Walks” did win an NAACP songwriting award, which is pretty cool.

Yeah. The songs I love, I fucking love too.

Yesterday I watched a YouTube video of someone covering “Runaway” with a beat made by throwing a DVD of “Bee Movie” into the toilet and flushing it. But it still got my blood up. That is quite possibly the greatest song of the millennium.
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