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Originally Posted by SuchFriendsAreDangerous
not the sound,the feel.
you misunderstand me comparing the sound,there are definite differences.These tunes feel like anarcho-chaos punk tunes,Subhumans,Aus Rotten,Crass,Allergic to Whores,the feel is what connects these bands.They feel the same level of angst at same subjects,and so theyre related.It seems Black Sabbath was pissed off at the same things punks were few years later,and Sabbath wrote an tunes about nuclear war,the corruption and depravity of the political system and pitfalls of military-industrial complex.
I AGREE. War pigs, electric funeral and hand of doom are actually the first rock metal punk songs recorded. Punk in the feel and attitude, angst-rock metal doom in sound, and the sirens at the beginning of war pigs sounds like an introduction to a punk album. Alot of angst against those who have power that screw with or screw over mostly the fellow man, and women and children. We just want whats right in the world, we don't need their crap.
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