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Originally Posted by !@#$%!
cough up? cough up $100 for a pair of studio headphones and you’re good to go.

but yeah hm... there are other aspects. mixing is tricky. a good mix could improve your product tons.

now don’t feel sorry or take me for a typical subject on the phone thing. i’m fundamentally lazy and want to spend 0 time tweaking my phone. problem is im stuck with an android which requires “customization.” most android users know how to do shit on it.

but i’ll say that bandcamp makes it difficult to download. i mean— i could stream, but i like offlining better because a) i have bad internet, b) i can get a better quality file that way.

with spotify, i just slide a button and it offlines at my desired bitrate and lets me play it offline for 30 days and doesn’t let me easily pirate (but who needs piracy with such convenience?).

with bandcamp if i want to download i have to enter my email (!), then it emails me a link and i have to go in my email (!!) then i can download. then it’s a zip file (!!!) i have to unzip it somewhere (!!!!). then i have to find a way to load it to a player. that’s 5-6 steps instead of 1. so for my adhd i’ll go with simple.

in my cheapo android phone it opened up right next to the google hangouts alert sound and some other nonsense and it listed it backwards. ayayay. i had to resort the folder but still it was around the crap. so fortunately amazon identified it correctly as an album and let me play it as an album (and btw, i can pirate it from my SD card i suppose). anyway i don’t know how it would work in apple, the unzipping and all— better i imagine. i could try on the ipad, but i just dont play music on the ipad cuz it’s for work.

with soundcloud i always had problems, i’d punch buttons that wouldn’t work, it was always complicated for me, etc. now soundcloud is in financial trouble, had to be bailed out, who knows the future?

meanwhile, spotify continues to be the most popular audio player. now people are starting to sell vinyls on it and you get notices for when your favorite band is going thru town and all that (but i live nowhere— the ads i get are for places 8 hours away). anyway, if you start to tour i’ll see your tour dates and go pester ya.

get a good mix and put it up there and you’re good to go. it’s not hard to do. slavo has an album on spotify an i have it offlined and chill to it often. ask him how to get on it.

go forth! thrash!

Spotify pays bands less than Apple Music, which pays less than Tidal, which pays way less than it should, but is still, somehow, the “gold standard” in that one single thing. All of them pay more than YouTube, which is just awful.

I have friends whose music is on these services, and they all tell me they do it only because it’s practically a requirement for a band that’s trying to gain traction... not because of any financial reward, or even substantive assistance with word of mouth. It’s just... a necessity. Sad.

I’m not sure how I’d do it. I haven’t been in an active band since the bands411 and MySpace days. I imagine it would be frustrating as hell. I mean, I think I’m unfairly compensated NOW, and I have a 401k.

Also, I think YouTube is actually the most popular streaming service. Like, by far. Maybe I’m wrong, or maybe it’s the most popular streaming service but not specifically *music player* ... cuz yeah Spotify is a huge beast.

I could never really make Soundcloud work either. Not on my phone at least. Goddamn ri-Damn-diculous. I think it’s a cool idea, but it’s just a shitty UI and system, and probably needs to go away.

I genuinely have come to really like Apple Music though. I wish they would include more videos and concert films and stuff, but they send notifications too when bands come to town. Could be better, but if I’m only paying for one service, I’m fucking definitely paying for the one that syncs remotely with my phone and laptop, pays artists a little more (but still nowhere near enough) and only *sometimes* forces terrible U2 albums on you no matter who you are or what you want. Lol. Like being raped by shit music, that. Ouch.
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