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Auction is here:

Home Blitz 7" release of "Apocalyptic Grades 2005 AD" + "AC S.S." b/w "Hey!". Self released pressing in 2005. Dubbed as an "early repress", this pressing has the printed record labels.

Vinyl is in NEAR MINT condition. The sleeve is in EX condition. Record has been stored in a SMOKE FREE environment.

A1: Apocalyptic Grades 2005 A.D.
A2: AC S.S.
B1: Hey!

"..great individualist punk rock much in the same way Half Japanese is. There are times where you have to say "What the fuck?" and that is good. Man, I really dig this record. Refreshingly no bullshit and all its own thing." - Scott Soriano, S-S Records. "Wow! A lotta punk singles pass through here and most go unnoted because theyre so by the numbers. The debut record by New Jerseys Homeblitz, Apocalyptic Grades 2005 AD (Homeblitz 7"), is a different kettle of stink. Although one senses that the underlying concept is not inimical to the concept of pop-punk, the execution goes far beyond that. The final track, "Hey!" does have the same kind of lost yard jumble classicism as, say, Mike Fornatales "Kickin Chickens", but the lead off tune has an avant-pumice edge that recalls nothing less than The Electric Eels "Cyclotron". And 28 years after the fact, I can still remember my first hearing of that side, in Andy Schwartzs old pad on East 10th Street. Since Ill be dead in another 28 years, this wont have the same kind of personal legs, but what the heck?" - Byron Coley, the Wire.

Proceeds of this auction go towards funding future releases on Chrome Peeler Records.
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