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Originally Posted by noisereductions
The Sonic Family Tree has deep roots and a thousand leaves.

This is a great line. I discovered so many bands and musicians through SY and their connections. The bands that they toured with plus all the artist on Ecstatic Peave. Mats Gutafsson blew my mind on SYR8 and he led me to so many other great musicians. Plus all the artists and writers that they reference in songs and interviews.

Of all the mainstream alt rock bands of the 90s I believe that SY maintained their artistic integrity to the greatest degree. Their break-up has signified a change in popular music. It seems as if in the last decade or so we've begun to see SY lose their influence among bands. Now rap and electronic music seem to have replaced rock and any band on a major label is 100% a corporate product.

It seems wild that so many people take SY and their influence for granted. They were true artist among a bunch of kids getting record deals. Look at pretty much every 90s alt rock band and they either imploded earlier on or they remained the same two decades on. Up to the end, SY remained unique and progressive.
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