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I just had to come here to register and share my thoughts about this band.

Sonic Youth has been my favorite band for about 8 years now... And they'll always be my favorite band.

I've heard all the great rock bands through the years... from the big 60s bands and 70s bands, to the 80s bands like the Cure, the Pixies, the Smiths... All through the 90s... Pavement, Pearl Jam, NIN, Tool, Soundgarden, My Bloody Valentine... From the mainstream bands, to the underground bands... Joy Division, Nirvana, Arcade Fire, Radiohead, Band of Horses, Slowdive, you name it....

I've heard so much music... So much more than most people. And I don't care if that's arrogant, because I know it's true.

And I've never heard a band like Sonic Youth before... It's like on one side is every band in history... And on the other side is Sonic Youth, in their own world... And it's unbelievable to me how many people miss out on this world, and don't even know it exists... It's unbelievable to me how Sonic Youth shirts aren't being worn by every other person I see....

To me, they've made the best music in history... They've made so many classic albums, and have written so many songs that are classic. It's been a musical journey for me to experience all their albums, and it's a journey that'll last forever, and will never be matched again. I've thought of writing letters to them to let them know how I feel, but I've never done it... Maybe one of them will read this though.

I just want Sonic Youth to know I love them... I love them profoundly, and deeply. They've changed my life... The type of person I am, how I feel about the world, and how I feel about music and listen to music. Words can't actually express how deeply I love their music... It'll be with me for the rest of my life, and I can't ever imagine my life without it. They've gotten me through so much, and I have so many memories with their albums.

For someone who's never heard Sonic Youth, or has never really gotten into their music... To me, that's like hearing someone has never experienced the sunshine. I just feel sad about it... I try to convey in words to people what they're missing... But they just don't seem to understand, and I know I can't express it well enough to make them understand.

I just had to come here and write all this... Maybe people here will understand. It's a place I can go to share my thoughts about it.

Sonic Youth, I love you... So, so much.
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