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Originally Posted by bloodcrystallisetosand
Gold Panda is fuckin mint, whatever the most recent LP was called is well worth a nosey. Last album for about five years where I've heard one song from it in a record store and bought it there and then. Been dipping a dirty toe into the murky waters of ambient/tech house/minimal techno/etc etc recently, having seemingly explored the vast majority of guitar based and jazz stuff I can be arsed with at the moment. FKA Twigs is worth a go. Someone else mentioned Arca, which I'll second. Latest Bjork, whilst she's an old hand by this point, is outstanding and is half produced by Arca, so gets bonus contemporary points.

Without sounding like too much of a knob, the intersection between minimal/ambient dance/IDM and avant pop seems to be where the really interesting stuff is happening right now, stuff that has a chunk of Bjork in its DNA but is pulling from all sources, from Siouxsie and the Banshees and jungle 12"s and random old vocal jazz that pops up on Youtube in equal measure. ANOHNI is another one. Oh, I've also been playing a lot of the field, that guy, alex wietsel or something, is seriously on the case.

Well said. I agree about Gold Panda. I always forget about him until I hear one of his albums, like Half of Where You Are. That was a good one. I have to admit I let Good Luck and Do Your Best slip by me a bit.

Gold Panda had a song on DJ Koze's fantastic 2016 label comp Pampa vol. 1 called "Black Voices" that's pretty darn good. If you're into Panda, check out that comp (you can ignore the Jamie xx track, because who needs that guy anyway). DJ Koze is, for my money, the most gifted and interesting electronic artist to emerge in the '00s/'10s, and his 2013 album Amygdala is probably one of the top 5 albums of the decade in any genre. His label comp shows off a lot of similar talent, as do his two major remix albums.

FKA Twigs fascinates me, but also makes me miss the fuck out of Portishead. Why o why would a band defy the odds by coming out of hibernation after two classic albums to make the best album of their career only to slink back into hiding? It's not fair!!

Arca's the shit. That was probably me that name-dropped him.

ANOHNI is much more vital and interesting than the artist's previous work as Antony or Antony & the Johnsons. Thanks to Hudson Mohawke in part for that. Btw: check out Hudson Mohawke's 2015 track "Indian Steps" which features ANOHNI/Antony. It's a good'un.

Anyway, yeah. Thanks for sharing. Of course Björk is seminal. She's managed to dodge trends while simultaneously embracing and causing them. I don't really think of her as an artist to note in the current climate because she's been around for so long, doing her thing and making it work. Still, Vulnicura was simply arresting. She's a treasure, for sure, but she's never been one of my favorite artists.

Listen to Koze. More people need to listen to DJ Koze aka Adolf Noise aka Kosi Kos because few artists are capable of creating music that is at once so disarmingly intimate, whimsically colorful and movement-enduring. I have no fucking clue why this guy isn't a darling of the American music press yet. It's a crime, goddammit.
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