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Originally Posted by guest
hahaha just because I said to you I don't mind being baited doesn't mean I'm not going to take it, especially when what you're saying is a dumb argument, like me picking up on it isn't in any way malicious but when I am being talked down to simply because of my age of course it's going to be in my nature to defend myself.

anyway this conversation seems pretty redundant because I'm not entirely sure you're reading what I'm writing?? I'm not talking from the perspective of being some rarefied genius who 'gets' music, quite the opposite. what I'm saying is that the meaning that sound can possess is imbued by a number of different factors but doesn't even need to be in the first place, it can be knowingly vapid and still hold some significance for a person, and I'm not going to deride that at all as it's no one's place to do that.

but I take umbrage to music that is landfill masquerading as something more than what it is, and I find nine inch nails to be a particularly offensive example of this. I like a band like coil because they emerge from a tradition with which I personally resonate and they demonstrate in their music, in their artwork, in their performances a sense of personality which reflected what was going on around them, a context from which trent reznor would like to think he's sprung for reasons entirely superficial but which in reality he is wholly opposed to merely in conveying himself in the manner he does.

and tracing it way back to the beginning it's pretty obvious that the comment that provoked this is knowingly snooty.....for the reasons that you feel compelled to defend yourself.

Hey now, let's dial it back.

First, I've read every single word you've written in this exchange. K? K.

Yes, my comments on age were knowingly snooty, but the comment that actually provoked your initial response was not snooty at all. I mentioned that this NIN reissue was out, and that I was buying it. You made a very clearly and obviously antagonist comment. And then and then and then...

Listen, it's not that I don't get why you feel the way you do about NIN. I think there's a bit of self-importance that comes with the territory of being into music, and I have it as well, so I do think some of your comments sounded a bit sbobby, but I also understand why you feel the way you feel. I'm pretty sure I said early on that I thought NIN had released plenty of shitty music, and that the main appeal for me was nostalgia. To be sure, if someone were to ask me about my taste in music for biographical purposes, I would not mention NIN.
I'm imagining a profile in a magazine or something, reading:

Originally Posted by Imaginary bio
"Height: 5'10"; Weight: 150 lbs.; Occupation: Shitty reporter; Education: grad school dropout; Likes: Nine Inch Nails..."

... And, well, fuck that. Fuck it to hell. I'm OK with being a "shitty reporter," but I would never want to actually be associated with NIN, or for people to think I was a "NIN guy" (better than "Tool guys," and worlds above "Metallica guys," but still, I would not stand for it.

So believe me, I get your gripe. NIN is a "band" whose music I enjoyed as a kid. Reznor led me to countless other, better bands. Possibly even began my longstanding interest in electronic music. But I don't identify with them.

I identify with Sonic Youth first and foremost, and my tastes are derived from the same themes and elements that unite most of the folks here: Independence, experimentation, sonic diversity, basement shit, noise, and so on. But I still have many exceptions, because I'm more of an inhaler of music than I am a consumer. I just love so many sounds and styles, and in some cases I don't give a fuck where they came from.

I guess I feel that this would go without saying here. On a board devoted to Sonic Youth. We like Sonic Youth partly because we like really weird shit that spans all corners of the spectrum. Some people here love Drake. I hate Drake, but I don't think I'd give someone shit for liking him unless I was provoked. I probably hate Drake more than you hate NIN. But I expect to see a wide variety of music represented here. I guess I assume we all do, and that there's corny or objectionable stuff in everyone's library.

My whole point here is
1.) Hey, get the fuck off my back! So what if I buy a NIN album? Give me shit for that and I'll give you shit for being young.
2.) Whether this is or isn't the case, it sort of seems like you take yourself and your music a bit too seriously. Well, if that is the case, stop that. We all take music seriously, but your perspective on it is not "inarguable," or any more true than anyone else's. Yeah, music and how it resonates with you is about many factors. Maybe it's about less for me? Either way, don't take yourself so seriously.

I take it as a given that people here are beyond needing to assert their perceived musical triusms here. Or if not, at least able to discuss what they belief is the "inarguable" quality/lack thereof of something without being offensive about it. You and I probably have more in common than we think, so why default to antagonism when we disagree?

Also, I stil don't get the Mariah Carey comment. I've said "Mariah Carey and the Arthur Doyle Hand Crean" before, but... hmm. Anyway. Whatever.
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