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Originally Posted by guest
- I mean I'm not 40, I'm 21, so evidently there's not going to be any nostalgic attachment to nine inch nails on any level, and I guess it's that hindsight perspective that makes me view them that way, that I'm not able to appreciate them in the sense of their tapping into some zeitgeist and instead can only see them for what they are now: songs for bro intellectuals at a gym inside the mall of america pumping their arms with what I feel are the most offensively underdone lyrics ever known to man coming out of the manchild mouth of a steroid-addicted megalomaniac who completely lacks any sense of self awareness, ie bemoaning the corporatisation of music while working for fucking beats.

- I'm not inclined to trust the opinion of g p-o given their blatant grabs for attention (TG reunion -- swarm me) and also fucking TTOPY

- again, as I think I established pretty clearly, I'm not in any way opposed to popular/marketable music, especially coming from someone who on this board on innumerable occasions has expressed a love for r&b, dance pop, the literal dregs of mass culture all the way up to stuff that does actually communicate stuff to me personally and others. that's not the point -- it's that trent reznor is not only symptomatic of these cultures which he very clearly derides with a misplaced passion, but he's a benefactor of it (scoring enormous films, working for a company with the most offensive product placement of any organisation currently operating to create a falsified notion of mainstream 'credibility' -- which is in itself a really difficult thing to truly define but I mean in the sense of cultivating a cult-like love for a product in spite of knowing fully well that said product is atrocious yet still selling it to people -- making what essentially amounts to nu-metal for bros with flourishes of very typical abstraction so as to further bilk people who might accidentally perceive some depth in his music) yet still has the temerity to decry the whole culture of consumerism, one which he presides over.

- here's why closer isn't one of the best pop singles of the 90s:
I want to fuck you like an animal
I want to feel you from the inside
I want to fuck you like an animal
My whole existence is flawed
You get me closer to god

also to lump coil in with ministry et al, especially at that stage of their career, is not only completely incorrect but totally fucking idiotic.

YOU'RE 21?!

Jesus man, you don't even know what you like yet. To speak about NIN so dismissively is asinine. You weren't even born when they released their definitive work. Everything you've lived though from NIN is essentially an afterthought. For years we didn't think we'd ever hear from the them again.

Seriously though... remember when I mentioned Led Zeppelin? How I'd be crazy to say they never released anything good even though I kind of hate them? There's a lesson in that.

Also, the lyrics you cited don't make the song not good. In fact their part of what made the song great. Listen to it. It's a disco song released in 1994. A disco song with THAT chorus. Is it Shakespeare? No, but neither is anything Sonic Youth wrote. You're totally missing the point of what I was getting at by essentially arguing ... what? That blunt lyrics and the f-bomb = objectively bad music? It's a 7 and a half minute dark disco song that took over the world. Musically, it's an intricate and melodic (and funky as hell) masterpiece. Have you ever listened to the drum break on "Piggy?" That would qualify as noise today. It would not be accepted by the masses or sell 4 million copies (unless LCD Soundsystem reunited for real, got twenty times more popular than ever before, and threw pop ambitions out the window.

I'm sorry. Your age does not make you unqualified to comment on music, but I think you're taking certain parts of the NIN "thing" way too seriously, and really underestimating other elements of their music. Ever heard their cover of "Get Down Make Love" with Al Jourgensen? That might be cool enough for you.

(21 year-olds need to be cool, feel cool, and be acknowledged as cool by their peers. It's sociology... bro! But really, knowing your age makes this whole exchange make more sense.

Haha. "It's a bad song because [quoted lyrics.]"
Oh, I see. Very compelling anti-logic you're using here. Very compelling indeed.

Not trying to bust your balls, but at this point I feel like I've given you every opportunity to not be a dick about this, and you've said "nah." So... the reality is that you're at an age where everything you say will seem idiotic in a decade's time. Way of the world, that.

I definitely get why I got no response when I namedropped Kim Carnes or Fleetwood Mac or Flowers in the Dirt now. Must have sounded like Greek to you.
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