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When Kanye met Alejandro Jodorowsky:

It was very surreal, do you want me to tell you? I'm not lying, Pascale was there. It was like this:

I didn't know anything about Kanye West. Really, I don't know who he is... nothing at all. The only thing they told me is that he is a rapper who says I'm a genius and that I inspired him to make the show Yeezus, that he was inspired by The Holy Mountain. Well, fantastic. Because I have always had something weird with rock. One day somebody at 7 o'clock in the morning calls me: "Mr. Jodorowsky?" "Yes?," "I am Marylin Manson." "Are you crazy or what?" "No, I am Maryilin Manson! I loved The Holy Mountain, I want you to direct a picture with me!" But whatever...

Well, I didn't rest well because I was working too much, so then I went to Nice, at the south of France, because there is a hotel whose name is Negresco, it's an old hotel full of paintings by famous painters. It's a very crazy hotel, I like it. And the secretary called me: "Mr. Kanye West wants to see you," so I ask Pascale who Kanye West is and she tells me I should answer because he is a very important person, so I say "Okay I will see him, but I am in Nice." And the secretary says "Mr. Kanye West is in Cannes, he can go to Nice in half an hour to see you," so I say "Okay, he can come, but when?" "This night, at 7 o'clock" "Okay, I'll wait for him."

At 5 or 6 o'clock the guy of the hotel calls to my room and says "Mr. Kanye West is here, we can lend to you a big room for free in order to stay with him." The guy was like crazy, so I say "Okay, at 7 o'clock?" "No, he's here already!" "Oh well, I will meet him at the bar." He was there, with four more guys. He was with the director Spike Jonze and an architect... five guys. And then we went to the room.

We sat down and I asked Pascale to sit by my side so she could translate. I asked him: "what do you want?"

I didn't know what to say because I didn't know who he was. Well he sings yeah, but what can I do about that? So I asked him what did he want. "Well I want to make a show and I wanted to meet you." "Yes, yes, fantastic." "If you want to be friends-" But you know what? He was very nice, like a child who wanted to know me. Very likeable. I liked him immediately. I felt some sort of connection. The other guy was, you know, helping him, he was there... but I don't know why was it that he was there. Anyway, I said to him "well you make shows?" "Yes." "Well then, like a friend, I will give you an idea." I'm not going to repeat what the idea was, but he liked it. My gift was an idea.

This concept of gifting an idea came from Dalí, because when I was with Dalí he said he wanted to be paid one thousand dollars the minute, or the hour, I can't remember very well. "I want to be the most paid actor in the history of movies! If you do give me one thousand dollars, I wil give you, as a prize, three ideas for free." I really liked that, giving an idea as a gift to someone else.

So I gave Kanye West an idea and he liked it. We continued speaking, we took a photo and he left. I never knew what he wanted. To this day, I still don't know. What did he want? Then I was looking at his work in the Internet, he was on a motorcycle singing with a very sensual woman... how can I help him with this? He's a phenomenon, but I don't really know him, you know? That's a gift God gives to you. He wanted to meet me? I'm happy to meet him. It was fantastic. Mysterious, though. He wanted to meet me, that was it. Just like you here. He wanted to speak with me, and I spoke. I swear it's true.

Did I forget something? (Pascale: He wanted to work with you) That he wanted to work with me? Maybe, maybe... but that I cannot say, because he said nothing. Maybe yes, maybe not. Who knows. (Did you read him the tarot?) Oh yes! I forgot! I had nothing to say to him so I just said: "... can I read the tarot to you?" "Yes! Yes!" And I read him the tarot. It was fantastic, really fantastic. It was beautiful, because evidently he's a man with an enormous and eager ambition. He expressed to me that he really wants to give something to young people. He's searching a meaning. Maybe that's why he came to me. He had a big idea or something.

I put three cards, so I can know what I can give to him. Here he had the Sun, a very luminous card; and here he had the Magician, who has in his hand a little sun, a little yellow center. I said to him: "You have the sun in your hands, maybe you can do what you want. But, who are you? Le Mat. The Fool." Incredible, right? And then, "where are you going? The World." The 21. It was so beautiful. A beautiful tarot. He was very moved. I'm not lying, it really was that beautiful.

Another thing I liked about him, he wanted to show me, I don't know, some kind of movement he likes to do and poof! He jumped to the floor and started to speak with me from there, then he sat again and continued speaking normally. Like myself working in a movie, I speak, take a cut, and then I speak again. He was speaking, then on the floor, and then speaking again. Like it was nothing, like it was normal. I've never seen anything like it. He's weird.

Oh, and I asked him what did he wanted to drink. "All of us drink water," I asked him if he didn't want alcohol, "no, we're all drinking water." Fantastic.
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