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Originally Posted by dead_battery
i was responding to pepper on the last page.

there is no cure for tinnitus yet, but there is a lot of money and research being pumped into it, those in the know say we can expect one in the next few years (possibly involving stem cells).

but the important thing for you, is for the love of god to stop loudness NOW.

i could link to an article about a uk man who murdered his family then ran into traffic because he had been driven mad by tinnitus. people will kill themselves.

it IS potentially that bad. people can have it for decades until they die.

i was the same as you, only caring about music and having an identity wrapped up in it. i blasted headfones loud for many years, gradually the loudness started to feel 'wrong' and the cymbals and vocals were drowning out the guitars, so i kept hitting it louder to try and recapture this lost sensation i had from the music. eventually this developed into aftershocks from the sound which got worse and worse. now i have permanent tinnitus. i am kidding myself by saying i can enjoy any music now apart from very very quiet stuff at very low volumes and even then, only when i can briefly forget the ringing that is ruining it.

you obviously have the onset of it. there are many different types of sounds people hear and yours is one i read a lot of others have on tinnitus boards. you WILL eventually get some sort of permanent tinnitus unless you stop. i didn't. if you were me, you'd stop all the loudness immeadiately. find a volume level that is about as low as you can go without losing too much of the texture of the music then go 2 steps lower and just stay there. try and cut out headfones completey and just use speakers kept at a reasonable distance from yourself at a low volume. i just wouldn't go to any shows at all if i were you. i know you don't want to hear this but believe me, it's going to get worse unless you can put a stop to it.

for a lot of people, tinnitus will eventually cure itself, seemingly at random. you might have 5 years of hell then it will just dissappear. for most others, it will go on until either you die or science cures it. there are endlessly alleys of alternative cures and treatments you can throw money at. you can pay 1000's to clinics who will give you white noise therapy and other such scams. a lot of people try to deduce the frequency of their tinnitus then listen to white noise or pulse noise on youtube to try and fix it. you don't want to have to go down this exhaustive road. do not expect a cure because one just doesn't exist yet, but there is an unlimited supply of people who want your money.

some people seem to be cured by ginkgo biloba but ONLY a specific type of it from a german pharmacy because apparently 99% of the stuff out there sold as it is literally just pills made of nothing.

the thing is, you've obviously got it already but it's going to get worse. if you can imagine what you have now only PERMANENTLY, as in from before you wake until after you fall asleep, that is what is in store for you. and you will notice it get slowly worse and worse until one day it becomes permanent. then you will hate yourself and never enjoy music again.

Jesus fucking Christ man! Merry goddamn Christmas to you too! Sheesh.

Seriously though, that's absolutely terrifying, but I appreciate your candor (if indeed you're not just fucking with me). The otolaryngologist I saw didn't put it this way. Made it seem like more of a "something to keep in the back of your mind" kind of thing. Didn't mention going mad or being in a state of constant misery of anything like that.

Jesus though. I already struggle with anxiety and over-reacting to responding to things that happen in my body. When I get that "hissing" sensation, it sometimes gives me a straight-up panic attack because it feels like I'm losing my grip on reality. It's a very disconcerting feeling. At first I would flip out and ask my girlfriend, "what is that? What's that sound?" and she'd just stare at me. Now I know it's my ears and it will pass, but it still makes my heart race.

I wonder if I shouldn't consider getting some prescription sedatives or something ... like, real ones.
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