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I ask this not as a partisan individual but simply as a curious American. I suppose some of the public can connect to her on a social level; as some of her struggles and issues in family life mimics many of our own. And I understand that she may also hold the same religious beliefs as many of us do. But what about her ability to run the country not based on those attributes? So far from her and especially in the convention she has not yet had an interview nor answered a question. Pretty much what we all have heard is speeches. Now although this may not be completely bad, it does not speak about her own beliefs on the current state of the country and where she would intend to take it if she happened to become president. . . I have read that partly because of the media attacking her that they have restricted her answering questions until it calms down. But I do not think it will ever calm down even if it is negative and I detest the negative coverage especially on family. The public wants to know who she is which I think the majority of the public still do not know. And I have watched every bit of speech and coverage on her. I am not biased and I have a very open mind but I want to hear some policy. We have some serious problems now and I want to hear where things could and would go. But this brings to my question as to why so many people like her? Is it simply because she is a woman or something else? . . I fear that if it is because of just that, we are getting excited over someone we really do not know quite yet. Personally, i will reserve judgment and see her as she is once I hear what her policies are and what she plans to do. Until then, I will just wait for that to come. . Added note: Remember we all have heard her story and surely some of the things she has and has not done. What I want and what I think most people do not know either is her policies. Where does she stand on the important issues that make our future?. . Economy? . Energy?. Housing market?. Education?. . Policy people. Just that..
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