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Originally Posted by SYRFox
if you're talking about the ballads ep... then yes. ballad 4d is one of my favourite tracks this year, it always stands out in a set because it's so unique. remember pearson sound playing it at the end of his set.. wow. have you heard the keysound compilation, "this is how we roll"? one track on this, mumdance & logo's "in reverse" is the only track that's as unique as ballad 4d this year i'd say.

can't wait for ghettoville either... this guy can do no wrong.
also totally get what you mean re making sounds - when i've got some friends at my place we sometimes get my instruments out (haven't got much gear but enough stuff to jam together - alesis micron, novation launchpad, a midi keyboard, some controls... -) and just play together, like someone will make a drum loop and then play keys on top of that, etc. no tracks coming out of that, but just pure fun and endless possibilities indeed.. cool stuff.

also weather festival was indeed insane. that friday night... wow. kassem mosse live was really percussive, much more so than i would have expected, then ben ufo & tama sumo did an incredible set, lots of evolutions, chill segments going into straight techno and acid, mad rhythms, etc. then blawan came and organized a proper massacre. savage stuff.
the main event on the following day was mad too... some problems (it was way too hot in there, and there was no free water), though some of them were inherent to such a big rave, but the music was really amazing and funktion one soundsystems are totally worth their reputation. it felt like the ground was moving. i missed nina kraviz because i didn't wanna miss robert hood. len faki was insane as expected... zip was also crazy good. still a bit pissed that i missed the after party on sunday (7am-7am on monday), that had silent servant, delta funktionen, etc (because i had other things planned).
yeah, it was ballads. along with jam city, that sound is just fascinating me endlessly. I have never been one for maximalist dance music (I want to scalp rustie and sew his skin over hudson mohawke's face), so the way in which artists like actress, l-vis, lee gamble, jam city et al are just ripping it apart is infinitely interesting. I think it was a writer on the quietus who described it perfectly, something along the lines of "diving between the beats" which is the perfect description.

I have heard that keysound comp, but I can't really recall that song and my computer crashed so all my choons are gone, unfortunately. will definitely give it another listen once I get back to a normal set-up, it was a great comp.

the problem I have with seriously making electronic music is that I am an enormous autechre fan, so I'd go in having unrealistic expectations as to what I can achieve. the sounds they manage to extract from mere pieces of machinery are mind-boggling, and I really can't think of another group or artist who uses hardware (and software) in such an incredible way. I've been really far behind on music this year, but I think exai would be my favourite thus far, really a perfect ae record.

I actually saw silent servant playing at a little basement in the city here a couple of weeks back, with the venue having a funktion system. suffice to say it was overwhelming, they really do shit on everything else. tomorrow night I'm seeing a 100% silk showcase at the same place, so hopefully that will be a beast.
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