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Originally Posted by SYRFox
hmm, there have been some good ones still - spooky's one comes to mind. l-vis 1990's recent one seems really promising as wel. i really enjoy that thing night slugs artists are doing at the moment..

dude, how the fuck

guest - i must say i don't really know much about the scene in australia, but i'm pretty certain you could get bookings through an eclectic style. some of the most aclaimed djs at the moment get apraisal precisely because of their ability to draw for tunes in many styles - eg oneman playing dirty south tunes after house tracks, james blake fading digital mystikz into destiny's chid, ben ufo playing some noise track at the end of his rinse mix cd -. someone like gaslamp killer also switches between genres with every single track going from dubstep to rock&roll to soul to hip hop to house to whatever, and that's what people go and see him for - the energy of his mixes (and his own energy i guess).
so i guess you could build your own djing style and still get bookings. if you can pull it off then it can definitely work and you may get people talking about you, perhaps more so than if you were confined to a single style.

oh and actress is on another level recently. definitely one of the best shows i've seen as well. dude can do pretty much whatever he wants and still make it work. his album was probably my favourite record last year (either that or that moon wiring club one).

also - attending a festival today and tomorrow, just look at that fucking lineup:
23-01 - Larry Byndon
01-02 - Kassem Mosse (live)
02-05 - Ben UFO b2b Tama Sumo
05-07 - Blawan

Room 1:
12-14 - Francois X
14-17 - Marcel Dettmann
17-18 - Paul Ritch (live)
18-20h30 - Dj Deep
20h30-21h30 - Robert Hood (live)
21h30-00h - DVS1
00-01 - Polar Inertia (live)
01-03h30 - Chris Liebing
03h30-06h - Len Faki

Room 2:
18-20 - D'julz
20-22 - Nina Kraviz
22-00 - Margaret Dygas
00-01 - Copacabannark (live)
01-03 - ZIP
03-06 - RPR Soundsystem (Raresh, Petre Inspirescu, Rhadoo)

still wondering when i'm supposed to sleep, but i can't wait to be there
man that lineup is insane, kassem mosse, blawan and ben ufo in the space of one night is just ridiculous. I saw nina kraviz a couple of weeks ago and while I wanted to hate her, I couldn't, she shat on everyone else that night.

yeah, I think you're right, if I'm going to dj I may as well go all out and just do some nutso shiznittt. something about going from whitehouse into can into autechre just seems so attractive to me, so I might just fuck it and do it. first, though, I think I might start making some stuff of my own. I was messing around on a friend's monomachine and I could just get lost in making sounds on that until my skull caves in, the possibilities are seemingly endless.

along with imikuzushi RIP was my favourite from last year too. one of the more transportative records I've ever heard, I'm fascinated by the way that he can make something that is so seemingly rigid and yet is amorphous, almost like a living organism. cannot wait for ghettoville, the beats he played in melbourne were magnificent (but again brutal at the same time), some of it was marble plexus-esque thumping techno, others were like swarm (dirty electro) and then there was that much more jazzy, improvisatory style akin to let's fly, but it was all in a similar atmospheric realm to hazyville, or even to an extent the more playful moments on splazsh.
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