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from wiki:

Deltron Event II


This article or section may need to be rewritten entirely to comply with Wikipedia's quality standards, as it is written like a timeline. You can help. The discussion page may contain suggestions. (September 2012) Deltron 3030's second album will be titled Deltron Event II.[1] Production was well underway in 2004.[2] According to Kid Koala's website, he finished the turntable portions of the album in May 2006.[3] Dan the Automator predicted in 2008 that the album would be released that year or the next.[4]
In November 2006, Del told IGN that four songs for Event II were already written and that "the album's lyrical theme has been basically mapped out."[5] Dan the Automator stated that the recording of the new album would probably be completed by December 2006, and that it would be released in 2007.[4] However, the album was then delayed until "sometime in 2008". In March 2008, Del told the News-Observer that "Kid Koala and Automator already finished the production. It's done. So, it's just up to me to write [the lyrics]."[6]
During XM 66 RAW's Subsoniq in April 2008, Del was asked about the progress of the album. He stated that he has written six songs so far and that it shouldn't be long before the album is completed.[7]
In an August 2010 interview with Melancholy Native blogger Triassic, Del commented on the album again. He said that "it's just about finished actually."[8]
In February 2011, Del commented to, "now the lyrics are done for second event. I just have to lay the recordings, which won't take long".[9]
In April 2011, Del is interviewed in a video, and says that he is currently recording his parts for the album. He comments "I was just in the studio with Dan last week. The only reason I'm not in there now, is because his basement had hella dusty instruments and stuff, and it made me hella sick, so I couldn't stay there. But I'm almost well now, so it's gonna be finished pretty soon, you feel me?".[10] In an interview with The Capital Times published in June 2011, Del said the album should be out before the end of 2011.[11]
In October 2011, on his Twitter account, Kid Koala (@therealkidkoala) stated "finished final deltron turntable sessions at 7 am this morning. very excited about this record."
In November 2011, Del the funky homosapien commented on his Facebook page on a photo of himself and Dan the Automator, claiming "The album is done, Kid Koala put the final scratches/touches on it. Will probably be out sometime next year once the logistics are all figured out. Peace".
On January 18, 2012, Del released a video stating that Deltron Event II was completed and will be released very soon.[12]
On February 2, 2012, Dogfish Head Craft Brewery updated their blog with information about a Positive Contact box set containing a special edition beer and exclusive remixes from the new album, ostensibly for release in May 2012.[13]
On March 2, 2012, Deltron 3030 released "Bioscientists", their first new song in nearly 12 years. It was later confirmed that the song will not appear on Deltron Event II.
On May 1 of 2012, Del the Funky Homosapien announced on his Facebook page that there is not yet an official release date for Event II, that there are "a lot of logistics to work out," but promised that it is coming out, and when there is a date, "you will know."[14]
On June 11, 2012, Deltron 3030 performed at the Luminato festival in Toronto, Ontario, a show that Kid Koala dubbed the Deltron Event II World Premiere.[15] The group played with a full horn, strings, and rhythm section conducted by Dan the Automator, premiered ten songs from Deltron Event II, and revealed the visual style of the new album. In accordance with Del's statement that "3030 actually was one event, but these events can span centuries,"[16] Event II will take place in the year 4010.
On June 12, 2012, it was announced by Dan the Automator that the album is finished with "small touchups" and would likely be released in September 2012.[17]
On July 11, 2012, the group announced at Ottawa Bluesfest that the album will be released in November 2012.
On August 30, Kid Koala told This Is Cabaret that "we were in LA last week doing the final mastering session of the album. We’ve begun touring the new material in North America as well. We plan to have singles out in September with the album release shortly after that. We are just finalizing everything with the label/distributor now."[18]
On September 15, 2012, Deltron 3030 headlined at the So-Gnar Shredded Beats event in Denver, CO at Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom.
On November 8, 2012, Del the Funkee Homosapien announced at a concert in Asheville, NC that the album was "in limbo" currently due to legal matters. A speculative future release date was not given.
On November 21, 2012, Kid Koala announced at a concert in Brooklyn, NY that the album was going to be released by EMI and would be coming out in the spring of 2013.[citation needed]
On January 15, 2013, Deltron 3030 posted the first single from Event II, titled, 'Pay the Price'.
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