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Originally Posted by tesla69
You miss the point, suchfriends, you found the dots but you don't connect them. And I'm sorry you find it so important to accept the tyranny. But I will assert again, this country has a culture of rape - any unwanted and forced sexual interaction is my definition - Look how often prison rape figures as humor in our culture. Its acceptable. Its cultural.

The recent court-ordered release of 14,500 pages’ worth of alleged abuse cases that took place within the organizational structure of the Boy Scouts of America between 1959 and 1985 is sending shock waves throughout the country, as they reveal some shocking facts about how such cases were improperly handled by local authorities. It turns out that local prosecutors, police chiefs, and even pastors protected alleged pedophiles from being being investigated and arraigned in order to protect the valued reputation of the Scouts organization.
The release of the files, which was the result of a recent Oregon Supreme Court ruling, reveals that potentially hundreds of scoutmasters and other Scouts leaders molested or otherwise violated young Scouts, but were never prosecuted for their alleged crimes. According to a review compiled by Dr. Janet Warren, a psychiatrist from the University of Virginia, some 1,600 victims are contained in the files, which were previously held confidentially by Boy Scouts headquarters in Dallas, Texas.
you are right tesla
you making it clear that for example the jokes made by people who a raped in jail is something accepted

it is a destruction on mass scale what they did to the boys of the scouts
and these people walk free

someone who steals a carradio or smokes some weed get in jail
the law is rotten

what are the next generation of young people that study law in university
going to do?

do they know the law to protect victims and bring justice for them?

that is what justice system is designed for

last week a belgium priest is been to court in case of sexual abuse of 2 orfins in an orfinage for some years

the priest sez, spoken trough his lawyer, that the priest is punished enough for his crime for appearing publicly in court for the sexual abuse case
and so stay free from going to jail or any other kind of punishment

so the priest comes to court plead guilty and that is it
walks out and is free

there is something defenitivly wrong with the justice system and with the protection of childeren and youth

for example if you publicly say to the youth "don't sell your body, say NO to human traffic, say NO to prostitution, say NO to the sex industry, say NO to guns"
^^ this normally would be appriciated by parents

the people who loose money in this prostitution, humantraffic, weapon traffic
will protest against it and try to play the smart ape and come with santa claus stories why you should listen to them
they only won't say that they make you their slave for the money or other hidden activities like coverup of criminal activities and keeping the population stupid

the more stupid you are
the easy'r you will be a slave
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