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Originally Posted by demonrail666
Interesting point about his version of the Odessa Steps. I've never looked at it that closely and so always took it to be quite faithful to the original. Ultimately though, like your thing with Carrie (which is actually very good, btw) I don't particularly care because I don't think The Untouchables is that interesting a film anyway or DePalma that interesting a filmmaker. And I can never decide whether Scarface is a really good film or a pretty bad one that just happens to be really enjoyable.

it's probably a bad movie, cheesy all around, but pacino is awesome in it and that carries the movie, plus it's full of memorable lines like "sey hellow to my littul frenn", etc.

soldiers crushing the budding revolution

nice prop for a 'hero" shootout and cool slow-mo edit, but that's all-- not really the "grammar" of soviet montage at all.

Originally Posted by demonrail666
Anyway following the discussion of Bava, I just watched a erm Roger Vadim film ...



If nothing else, I suppose it's definitely one of the most 'sixties' films out there but where say Danger Diabolik is simply too well made to be written off simply as a kitsch historical artefact of swinging Europe, I'd say that's pretty much the sum of Barbarella's appeal these days. The film equivalent of a lava lamp.

ha ha @ lava lamps

i did see that movie some years ago, can't remember anything about it except for jane fonda's fabulous legs. and i just watched the trailer and still.. that's all i remember.

i know nothing of bava, having never seen anything by him (i think, anyway). gonna check him out after this maybe.

Originally Posted by demonrail666
I'm sure I read somewhere that she had some falling out with the industry over some kind of drug-related lifestyle issues. Although I haven't found anything to substantiate it on a search I just did. She changed her image for a while and went pretty much all-out goth/fetish and was almost unrecognizable from her previous, more clean-cut/nerdy/manga look. So maybe the rumour was started by some disgruntled fan of the 'old Ariel' who took her new image as an indication that she was on drugs, or something. She also changed website and I know some site owners spread rumours about girls who, for whatever reason, stop working for them. She got an AVN nomination last year so I'm guessing things can't be all bad for her.

Originally Posted by demonrail666
You should seriously think about trying to cast her in something. I doubt very much if she's that expensive and seems far more open to doing something different than a lot of the others.

you guys are aware that these pornettas can't act for shit, right? which is why they work out of the san fernando valley and not hollywood. srsly, some people can act, some people have a great ass, some intersect both groups--the first set are the character actors, the second set are the porno people, and the intersection are the potential movie stars-- those are very long odds. even the legendary marilyn chambers, whose memory i adore, was quite shit in cronenberg's early movies.
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