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Realize this post is now older than the hills, but thought I should give credit where credit is due...

Christopher Riggs is an experimental artist who releases usually under his own name and has his own label: Holy Cheevers Tapes


Originally Posted by Genteel Death
It also doesnt sound anything like Derek Bailey.

Did Orcutt tell you to mention Bailey, Taylor and Gould? If so, maybe Orcutt should have written the review. Youve already demonstrated a lack of interest in (or perhaps aptitude for?) serious critical rigour. No need to actually review the music when the artist is feeding you lines about it.

One of my gripes with academic music theory is that its proponents see no problem writing a paper, publishing a book, or teaching a class that contains lots and lots of evidence and no point. Nothing to prove. I dont need to hear someone rattle on about a harmonic analysis of Wagners Tristan And Isolde if that analysis isnt going to lead to anything about Wagners cultural or historical significance. With your review of A New Way To Pay Old Debts you have done the opposite. Youve made a series of assertions about a works significance without providing one bit of real evidence. For shame.

Christopher Riggs Michigan, USA
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