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You guys could try being useful for a change and you would not end up spouting such esoteric gibberish in response. Try volunteering in your local community group or neighbourhood organisation and use your musical ability there. you could offer to play acoustic guitar for the elderly or entertain at a party or social event. but i guess you tormented artists would want to noise jam and whisper coded moans into a condensor mic hooked up to 15 pedals. everyone would get impatient at having to wait for you to set up all the equipment all so you could waste everybodys time with a pointless racket.

there are always old folks homes that welcome people who want to entertain their residents. apart from that there isn't really anything else i can think of. you best keep your hobbies compartmentalised and make them something you do in your spare time and not the sole focus of your failing lives and jittery celebrity fantasies that are feuled by your spending each day in a fugue of irrelevant media entertainment tattle.

since genteel doesnt like boning women in their vaginas perhaps he should try befriending them and going to a cooking class. noones saying you have to get a wife and reproduce. you could at least learn a new skill that could be of use to the community and perhaps make you some new friends. i think that that is quite fair and would be beneficial to you and stop you mopeing and spending all day on message boards. as for glice to be honest i don't think it would be appropriate for him to be doing any community work because he would most likely proposition your granny for sex if he got into an old folks home. she would prob say no and he would be red in the face but he'd no doubt lie about it or try to steal a cinnamon bun from her handbag. the thief would spout all manner of slander to worm his way out of the consequences of his own doings. glice would need to prove he could be trusted and that he wouldnt behave like a tantrum throwing miscreant. sorry glice if it is not true you would do these things it is just how i imagine it. oh well, you should prove me wrong and put on a decent shirt for a change and do some good in the local area. you may have gone off onto the wrong path in life but there is often time to turn things around and make up for all the messing about you did.

in response to your comment joe no i am not returning i merely came back because those two were asking after me. glice offended me greatly with his comments about having sex with me. but i am the forgiving type so i will forget about it. tbh they are shady characters and i don't want to be associated with such types anymore. don't keep company with people of ill repute. this sounds like a wise saying and something relevant to my life. it is difficult to improve as a person when you don't cut company with those who would see you into the gutter sucking dicks for xylophones. not that i can blame everything on others, i have to take responsibility for my own actions and that means using my time wisely and not associating with the devilment of scoundrels and rogues.

well anyway i should be off. it does me no good to be here i should be off continuing to improve my life because i have a lot to make up for after all the bad behaviour of the past. i will not be round these ways again so don't ask after me guys. actually i won't be gone yet i'm still waiting for chabib to ban and delete my account but he hasn't replied to my pm's. probably too busy fighting george bush with his art posters. oh well i will have to wait until he gets around to it. bye guys i hope you find faith in yourselves and turn your lives around. peace be with you.
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