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glice is one of those queers that fucks women but really he'd be the first to proposition you inapropriately when he's not getting enough attention or just bored. he said he would have fucked me if i was near him. HELL NO. unlike genteel who is just a timid fart queen too afraid of his own paedosity. probably. why not. genteel would fuck you awkwardly and want to fart on you and then afterwards he would make up hysterical and stupid excuses for you to leave so he COULD BE ALONE. then next time he saw you he'd stab you. both glice and genteel are just old pathetic hipsters who spend their time on messageboards trying to impress kids with their knowledge of old rock and pop music. whatever gaping wound this temporarily patches over... fuck i don't want to know that's the type of abyss you don't want to go near.

genteel is weird, i don't know if he is straight up freak but its fun to say since you know it he's terrified of the accusation. he's angsty and self pitying and would probably start behaving strangely with you in a bar to test the limits of the crap you will take from him. i can definitely see him involved in some boy george/singer from gorgoroth type torture incident only he'll never be rich enough to get away with it and he knows it.

glice does shitty noise and genteel does mediocre +1 noise that is just depressing in its its underground professionalism. its sad because noone cares really and he's getting old. really they are just 2 losers trying to impress kids and bolster their battered egos with their knowledge of underground pop culture. but at least genteels music is listenable and maybe even good if not bland and lacking in a vocalist and mad shreds and some rythm and structure. it could at least have some use as a film soundtrack. glice is just wank noodling and releasing it on CS so he can have released something.

well i only say this because you both need boots up your asses. that transient binge thread. someone should have slapped you in the fucking face before you even thought of typing that shit. didn't your father ever take you outside and kick you in the face and say "son, don't be a self obsessed neurotic, the world does not need your whiny hipsterism"? he should have. the he should have ripped out a mad shred or a keyboard solo.

all your music is shit and there isn't even solos. glice just plays like its one big long solo but he cant actually solo, and he calls it "noise".

here is a suitable role model for you two

now there's a good use of talent. shows you what hard work and dedication can do. that's a young man whose set to go far. but i guess you two slackers would rather go out and suck some dick and then use the depression you get from the aids eating at your body to "noise jam". BECAUSE IM SPECIAL AND I MAKE ART DADDY. degenerate faggots.

you want some old mid life crisis dude to fall in love with your ass pussy so he can be dazzled by your hipness due to your opinions on lady gaga and other popular media entertainment figures. you need someone like him since he's trying so hard to be cool and failing and needs you to appear "with it" but you can disavow any connection and bitch about him behind his back if someone cooler comes along. even if it did happen you slackers would never use the money to do anything other than blow it in the first shop you find. you are just masochists doomed to spend life drinking alone or in pubs getting even desperater and bitterer for your hip consumer entertainment product taste to be validated by someone so you can realise you don't like them anymore because you always have to be one step ahead.

its hard to respect you as human beings, let alone as musicians since you just play degenerate hipster noise which pretends it can anti solo when it just wants to shred but is too self conciouss and unable to put in the effort. there are many fine guitar technique books you can find at your local music emporium or internet retailer. also i would suggest you fidgety fags stick to the one instrument and try to improve your skills on it rather than farting about on whatever piece of crap you bought so you could entertain the fantasy it would be like your new thing and you always thought it was so cool on the way home from the shop.

genteel will probably be arrested for torture or stalking some female siltbreeze musician who comes over on tour. he will start chatting to her and try to impress her with his detailed knowledge of her career and some of the "cool old stuff that used to be out on siltbreeze yeah um... I BOUGHT YOUR VINYL WHEN DOES MY VAGINA START TO GROW? HOW MUCH ART DO I NEED TO DO FOR IT TO GROW?". because he thinks by fluttering around her he can somehow gain access to her feminine secrets. but really her female biology is non transferable since physically he can only use his ass as a mock vagina and no man really wants to take it for that purpose. all he can find are other gays like him that want the rewards of female narcissism but don't realise they don't have vaginas. genteel is a mess of emotions but you can understand because he's foreign it must be tough being in london. at least the music he makes could have some sort of purpose or sound good on some film soundtrack. but you notice he never out and out admits to his queerness, always talks about gayness as some subject seperate from him that he has ironic distanciation from.

here is another track for you to listen so you might learn something about music. hint - gossiping about journalists from the wire as if you know them on first name basis isn't anything to do with music it's just you being acting like the 12 year old girls that you want to have inside your hearts who act like bitches and then project this bitchiness onto other by calling them twats and get away with it
you should pay attention to the dynamism of the mood and the keyboard. i suggest you ask your local retailer for the motion picture soundtrack and learn something about showmanship.

here is another display of talent and skill which comes with hard work and practice not dick sucking like you seem to think guys .

anyway they are both just kids hanging on to their rotting hormones and how they made you feel about incesticide when you were 13. that morphed into the delusion that your "taste" matters for shit. what is irritating about glice is that he is an old dude but he still does this "you really are a fucking spastic aren't you" type insult that went out of fashion when i was still a kid. he does that whole "you're SUCH A FUCKING CUNT but i'm also so well spoken and prissy" thing with his insults. it is tedious to say the least. but i suppose this is the guy who was telling me that MCR wrote great lyrics so i guess i just find his taste in things laughably teen emo.
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