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hiland 03.22.2006 02:56 AM

two new diskaholics releases in a matter of a cou-ple of weeks and very little talk about them......would like to hear a little more.....

waltercarson 03.22.2006 03:13 AM

i don't have "weapons of ass destruction" yet, but i'm nuts about the Load LP. it' s very dynamic, and each listen reveals things i'd never noticed before - a killer.
cheers, wc

whorefrost 03.22.2006 09:28 AM

agreed about the Load LP... it is more focused than the typical side project improv scree.... it is dynamic and also has some harsh tones.... i got the first DAT CD at the same time as the Load one and I must say the Load one is better.... the cover art is delightful as well

toxic johnny 03.22.2006 09:33 AM

I keep hearing about how good the Load one is... I have 'Ass Destruction' which I like very much.
I think I need to make more of an effort to get the other one!.

whorefrost 03.22.2006 09:47 AM

ass destruction out is it? vinyl?

toxic johnny 03.22.2006 09:51 AM

Not out on vinyl yet as far as I know...
I got the CD a couple of weeks ago.

whorefrost 03.22.2006 09:54 AM

cool... i'm out of touch with release dates these days... which is cool when i wander into my local store and stumble across shit like 4 guitars and celestial answer...

toxic johnny 03.22.2006 09:57 AM

They're on my list... along with everything else!.

hiland 03.22.2006 12:23 PM

ive seen the vinyl versions of both in los angeles.... i recall one was supposed to have a different mix...was that on weapons?

scott v 03.23.2006 02:05 PM

From the Smalltown Supersound website, the label that released "Weapons of Ass Destruction".

vinyl is out NOW! limted ed. to 1000 w/ different artwork...
We have got many questions about this limited edtion vinyl version of "Weapons Of Ass Destruction". It is now ready and you can order it from our Superstore (under merchandise). The vinyl is pressed in 1000 copies and will not be repressed, so you need to be fast to get it. Also note that the artwork is a little different than from the CD, and the artwork is brilliantly done by Kim Hiorthøy. We highly recommend this beautiful vinyl edition.

Pitchfork has a nice 7,2 review of Diskaholics Anonymous`s "Weapons Of Ass Destruction". You can read the whole review here.. The album is released on CD and limited edition vinyl. DA Trio are Thurston Moore, Mats Gustafsson and Jim O`Rourke. Check it out!

You can buy the album now at Boomcat, go here. With a set of puns that would have even
The Sun blushing, Diskaholics Anonymous' new album 'Weapons Of Ass Destruction' (quiet at the back!) sees the leftfield super-group of Thurston Moore, Jim O'Rouke and Mats Gustafsson reforming for some
avant/jazz/improv/punk/noise/kitchen-sink buisness. Ear-plugs, as ever, are optional... Comprised of two XXXtended tracks, the handily titled 'Weapons Of Ass Destruction Part 1 & 2' revel in their free-wheeling jazz roots; with Sweden's Gustafsson belligerently leading the charge like Albert Ayler on a Punk Rock sugar-rush. As Thurston's guitars slam you against the wall (think Sonic Youth circa 'Confusion Is Sex/Bad Moon Rising') and O'Rouke's laptop slices through the bellicose aural fog, it all gets rather emotional - engendering images of epic skylines and scarred skies. Certainly not for the faint-hearted, 'Weapons Of Ass Destruction' (it somehow gets unfunnier the more you hear it...) is the kind of fiercly experimental music that is always admirable, but not always an easy listen. But if you wanted that, you'd be buying James Blunt. Insert your own pun here...

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