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dead_battery 05.21.2013 04:57 PM

dead god cums in french mans head with shrapnel
Dominique Venner, 78, walked into the building at 4pm and put a letter on the altar before shooting himself through the mouth, according to local media reports. Hundreds of visitors were immediately evacuated from the site, which is the most visited Catholic monument in Paris.

from the graun

Venner, a historian and former member of the Secret Army Organisation that opposed Algerian independence in the early 1960s and waged a terror campaign against Charles de Gaulle's government, had written on his blog on Tuesday about his anger over the recent legalisation of same-sex marriage, which he called vile.

Referring to a rally planned for Sunday against the law, which also amended adoption rights, he said the demonstrators were "right to shout their impatience and anger".

He also wrote of what he described as the risk of "a France fallen to the power of Islamists", saying that for 40 years all governments and parties, except the Front National, businesses and the church had accelerated north African immigration. He added that there needed to be "new gestures, spectacular and symbolic" to "reawaken the memory of our origins". He added: "We're entering a time where words should be authenticated by actions."

The bill became law on Saturday after a parliament vote and months of street protests, political slanging matches and a rise in homophobic attacks.


evollove 05.21.2013 05:28 PM

You stole the thread title from the Guardian, didn't you?

dead_battery 05.21.2013 05:44 PM

this guy swallows his gun and shoots self in mouth rather than face a world in which god is dead and the compulsion to suck dick cannot be repressed by a writing a far right blog all day.

damn dom! no amount of sublimating your cock lust with fantasies of strapping nazi commandos retaking europe and relaxing at night with your books could save you from SOME SORT of climax! and shit dude, surely the taste of cum isnt as bad as lead. well, im sure you looked totally pretty while you did it, and all your fellow french right wingers will remember you as exactly the kind of mentally ill self hating faggot they relying on for votes yet dream of the state executing!

still the whole things really depressing. i mean i feel this guys angst. it just becomes painful to be a faggot in this world

Uploaded with[/IMG]

you can never really accept or believe that you are one. in your unconscious you always hope that the gay will go away and your he man will turn into a nicki minaj one day. then you think it would probably never work out. you just get stuck going back and forth in duality. guns or sex are a good way to end such indecision, but death ends it for us all in the end anyway... oh well...

dead_battery 05.21.2013 05:53 PM

turns out this guy REALLY believed that france was going to fall to islamists, like, imminently. islamists who would presumably ban gay marriage if they ever took over. so why couldnt he just resolve his psychosis by dressing up as aladdin and grinding on some hot arabs lap in a gaybar?

you know these right wing retards are so fucking stupid they forget about THE FUCKING EXISTENCE OF DRONES which kind of makes their stupid fantasies of an arab revolt and invasion of europe totally fucking retarded. i mean, facts and logic and reality do that aswell but you think they'd learn not to take their bullshit seriously. at least he didnt murder anyone but himself. loser.

Trama 05.21.2013 10:08 PM

you multi-culti leftist you.

floatingslowly 05.21.2013 10:23 PM

Dead gods dream.

I am posting in this thread, for certain.

dead_battery 05.21.2013 10:58 PM


Originally Posted by Trama
you multi-culti leftist you.

hey, drones dont discriminate based on race. they scan targets in advance for relevant bio data to extract in their claws and turn into proteins and battery cell fuels. genetic data is wirelessly transmitted back to the drone aviary were drone technicians simulate the genome for defensive weaknesses and send real time instructions to the womb mechanics hatching tommorows drones which keeps them permanently one step ahead of the human race.

Trama 05.22.2013 12:22 AM


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