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SonikJesus 04.02.2013 03:04 AM

whats up with people who neg rep?
just accidentally found out how to check it and found I got some negs for shit that wasnt even shit talking just random posts. i mean its pretty funnnnnny people do that.

Rob Instigator 04.02.2013 08:35 AM

neg reps are life's way of letting you know you are doing the right thing.

Severian 04.03.2013 06:20 AM

People are unstimulated pricks. Quite.

Dude McDude 04.03.2013 10:30 AM

hey fuck you ill neg rep you all

Toilet & Bowels 04.03.2013 04:36 PM

people take their "rep" so seriously though it's too tempting not to neg people sometimes

Nefeli 04.03.2013 04:38 PM

hey toiletaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

really a coincidence, i m not stalking or anything.
just took a break from smth really disgusting i was doing, and i feel violated.

Bytor Peltor 04.03.2013 04:44 PM

Didn't we have a thread where we posted our rep???

Nefeli 04.03.2013 04:49 PM

yeah, what a waste of all our time that was too!

!@#$%! 04.03.2013 05:01 PM

there used to be a "neg rep party" thread that was the best-- i'm pretty sure nicfit started it.

unfortunately i think it was accidentally nuked by the Big Board Meltdown of 2011 (or whatever year the database keeps crapping out).


Severian 04.03.2013 06:26 PM

'The fuck?

SonikJesus 04.03.2013 10:13 PM


Originally Posted by Toilet & Bowels
people take their "rep" so seriously though it's too tempting not to neg people sometimes

never thought of that. I just thought it hilarious cause I foolishly thought everyone was like me and saw rep as nothing. guess it is funny to neg rep someone if they take it srsly and get pissd. was going to suggest we have a neg rep marathon but see its been done haha. red is the new green

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