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E. Noisefield 02.24.2013 03:57 PM

Would you listen to these guys?

It is a spotify link, so sorry if it doesn't work for anyone.

I just really want to know- Does this sound like something you could get into?
Personally I think the vocals need to be toned down. I think the singer may think a bit too highly of himself.

Anyway, I saw these guys play "Breed" at the 10 year Nevermjnd anniversary gig. They did a pretty ordinary rendition, and put none of their own sound into it, but I have friends who love this band and I think they might break pretty soon here.

weird thread, I guess, but I am kind of excited for them, but I also suspect they might suck. Great musicians though.

Toilet & Bowels 02.24.2013 05:27 PM

I don't have spotify, what is the band called?

Severian 02.27.2013 07:06 AM

I like that guitar part. Actually pretty mathy and intense, but the mix doesn't do it justice.

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