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gast30 01.21.2013 03:50 PM

johnny depp DUMPED
just out ... the freshest gossip of the cyberspace

i can believe it
anyway it was a something that was too good to be true

ultra babe amber left for another woman

it was over quick

it's nature
her bi-sexual side came to the surface and she didn't oppressed her nature

as a fan of johnny depp
i don't worry about him
he can love alot of woman

he did believe that it was going to last longer
and vanessa paradis was a bit wierdend at the end of that relationship
like she never really believed in this vanessa paris the openminded hot hippie girl that everyone in school was crazy about

floatingslowly 01.21.2013 04:16 PM

Maybe if he learned how to treat a lady, his wouldn't have to leave him for one; regardless of whether or not this was just another holywould gossip-worthy stunt, pointedly aimed at capitalizing on male fears of inadequacy in comparison to women.

gast30 01.21.2013 04:43 PM

you can have cool realtionships
i don't understand why people don't stand open for it

tesla69 01.22.2013 10:14 AM

Depp has become too freaky. heroin eurotrash

gast30 01.22.2013 11:28 AM

attracs woman
mission accomplished

'he is back available on the market' joked a female gossip reporter

hope he finds a cool girl
and i hope to find the coolest girl for me

johnny depp vs gast30
you know i'm not a light wieght anymore
long hair, 35, the year 2013
and i'm still smoking ;)

TheMadcapLaughs 01.22.2013 12:52 PM

wow, just wow at everything in this thread

gast30 01.22.2013 02:17 PM

are you surprised?

don't know what i have to make out of your post

like wow in a positive way?

floatingslowly 01.22.2013 04:06 PM

Very positive wow.

So to be surprising that year 2013 can make long hair man more attractif. Or that coolest girks all very like to make with other coolest girl. You know?

Like, WOW, what kind of sandwich you think they make? Johnny Dapp sabdwhich, I would say.

Rob Instigator 01.22.2013 04:13 PM

I heard the ladies love Johnny depp but get tired of his thin white-boy penis after a few years. His fame and fortune are not enough...

floatingslowly 01.22.2013 04:26 PM

Johnny damp is not white. He's 1/64 Cherokee Native Indian.

So get your facts straight on penis-type, brown brother.

floatingslowly 01.22.2013 04:28 PM

Wow i hear that people who are 1/64 Cherokree Native Indian have wonderous love-making techniques that make black men feel the envy between their ashen knees.

I tell you this is so, just wow.

gast30 01.22.2013 04:53 PM

i wanted to say: sex is something in the head
then thought it was gay to say it
and now i find it not so gay to say it
so i said it

floatingslowly 01.22.2013 05:01 PM

This is good.

Vocalize your gay.

2013 is for freedom. Freedom to be gay. Freedom to be you.

No need to keep your gay thoughts trapped inside your head. 2013 internet is for gay freedom!

floatingslowly 01.22.2013 05:04 PM

Gast, do you know that Rob is gay? What do you think he will say about your gay thoughts?

I think he'll show you his gay picture. ;)

Gast 8====>~+~<=====8 Rob - 4evrr

gast30 01.22.2013 05:08 PM

so it was rob at that gay massage/sauna room

i wasn't sure
i thought this person looks familiar

gast30 01.22.2013 05:08 PM

rob don't worry i won't tell your wife

floatingslowly 01.22.2013 05:19 PM


Originally Posted by gast30
rob don't worry i won't tell your wife

Ahh...another gay thought!

Let them all out.

Rob Instigator 01.22.2013 05:25 PM

I break gay hearts all day.

floatingslowly 01.22.2013 05:31 PM

Poor gast. :(

gast30 01.22.2013 06:06 PM

fo sure
be glad that his brain still works
the future looks good

had dreams of money, fame and girls so
it will come soon

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