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halgreen 01.20.2013 02:16 PM

Irish-American Prayer
I found this while perusing the internet earlier today.


It looks like a tour CD. It contains a reading by John Moloney (not how I imagined his voice to sound) and Thurston Moore, as well as guitar-drum fuckery.

Has anyone picked this up? I found a v0 rip of it, but I couldn't get a lossless rip. If I uploaded this to mediafire, could I post the link here? I know there are other places like southern Louisiana where there aren't too many chances to see experimental music like Thurston, so buying these CDrs at their shows may be out of the question.

stu666 01.20.2013 02:54 PM

Thanks for the info. I don't think you should post a link for this on here though. I hope it's gonna be on sale when I see Thurston next week...

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