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halgreen 01.07.2013 01:43 PM

Body/Head LP
Right when I started to wonder when I would be getting my Body/Head LP the mail lady came to drop it off! I didn't think it would be out so quickly, especially since I didn't get any sort of confirmation or anything of my order.

The inside of the cardboard shipping box says
For Raffles
At 31
No Hippies!
Lili & Byron




stu666 01.07.2013 01:48 PM


scott v 01.07.2013 04:13 PM

where did you order this from?

halgreen 01.07.2013 04:19 PM

I saw the link a week ago i guess.
If you're in the US, just paypal Bill Nace $18, its

scott v 01.07.2013 04:27 PM

ah yes I know Bill, played on the same bill with him recently! thanks!

halgreen 01.07.2013 04:30 PM

No problem! If you see him again ask him to bring the experimental gang to Louisiana please!

scott v 01.07.2013 04:42 PM

Sure, I only see him on tour in my town...

tesla69 01.07.2013 06:22 PM

Fusetron is selling both lps on the latest update.

So the Body/Head discog includes the 2 lps (1 w/Morley), cassette and 7".

halgreen 01.07.2013 10:22 PM

How can I get ahold of the 7"?
I guess I missed it. :(

hipster_bebop_junkie 01.08.2013 12:38 AM


Originally Posted by halgreen
How can I get ahold of the 7"?
I guess I missed it. :(

Some copies pop up pretty often on discogs:

tesla69 01.10.2013 10:28 AM


Originally Posted by halgreen
How can I get ahold of the 7"?
I guess I missed it. :(

i think I snagged the last copy from volcanic tongue, being limited and with the postage and currency, it was probably the most expensive single I've ever bought, but seemed necessary.

Now looking at the Howling Rain tour 7" but thats another thread...

blunderbuss 01.10.2013 04:14 PM

The 7" - 9.99 + shipping (1.50 UK, 3 Europe, 4 worldwide):

fatheryod 01.10.2013 07:04 PM

i am personally shocked that raffles opted to recycle that particular mailer, which should have had great import for him. typical. there's another bit to the body/head discog, by the way. they have a track on the ultra eczema comp LP. "fever".

hipster_bebop_junkie 01.11.2013 02:22 PM

Matt Krefting's review of the Body/Head LP as posted on Mimaroglu:

body/head lp/ep

so much more than a ‘likely pairing,’ this is a group which manages to illuminate the best of both players while simultaneously pushing them into fresh territory. live shows have been accompanied by slowed films, and the pair’s obsession with cinema comes across in the music itself. the pieces exist as vignettes in and of themselves, all the while presenting a full-bodied emotional narrative over the course of the record’s 20 minutes.

it’s fascinating to hear nace and gordon develop these ideas, to hear relatively simple pulses, stabs, moans, and calls take shape as something almost like songs. there is a strange terror to this music. electric shards punch through and shatter the air. there is agonizing pain living in the guitars and genuine anguish in gordon’s voice. it is some of the most courageous and emotive singing of her career. this is some of the most fantastically elastic music currently being produced, shifting form and formlessness without batting an eye.

like the best art, it exists out beyond the limits of what we can easily define. it’s as pained as it is curious, as free as it is claustrophobic, full of spellbinding tension throughout, from the sparse opening of ‘turn me on’ to the intensely moving and breathtakingly sad closer, ‘where did you go?,’ a track that’s as good as anything either player has ever put to tape. it’s so scary and so sad, so tender and so angry, a consummate example of what both musicians are capable of, the capstone to a sequence so satisfying one wants to just play it again. the music changes shape with each listen, behind each shadow lives another melting perspective.

beautifully pressed at 45rpm, the fullness and depth of sound and feeling come through loud and clear. this record is a complete picture, a blurry pool at night, a short story to revisit over and over again.

- matt krefting

stophereyes 01.11.2013 06:49 PM

Anyone know of any stores in nyc where this can be bought?
Update: They have it at Other Music. 2 copies remaining early this afternoon.

stu666 01.13.2013 07:39 AM

I got mine yesterday and love it, I've already played it about 10 times!

EVOLghost 01.21.2013 05:13 PM

Picked this up on Friday along with the reissue of Sunn O))))) 00VOID album......annnnnndddddd

Finally got Chelsea WOlfe's LP at her show...

tesla69 01.23.2013 11:43 AM

this record is toast, totally fried, its been awhile since I've heard such an utterly blasted soundtrack...

or maybe its just me

Bytor Peltor 02.09.2013 11:58 AM

Body/Head (Kim Gordon & Bill Nace) Unreleased 1

guest 02.09.2013 08:39 PM

does anyone know how limited body/gate/head was? that is like the crown jewel right now for me, I need to get my hands on it. body/head is emerging as my favourite post-SY project, I think Kim's the first to really push herself artistically (in spite of my enjoyment of Chelsea Light Moving thus far and BTTATT)

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