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Genteel Death 10.10.2012 03:19 PM

any ideas on how to hang foam boards on a wall without framing them or ruining them?
i have a couple of ideas in mind at the moment, including making some fabric hooks to stick at the back of them, but I am open to suggestions and different techniques.

if i like your idea i will reward you with a heavily blurred picture of a raccoon.

floatingslowly 10.10.2012 03:27 PM

How heavy are they? Would velcro strips hold them? That seems the least invasive.

Whatever you do, DO NOT use blu-tack. Ugh...I tried to warn art.....

gast30 10.10.2012 03:28 PM

can you drill holes in your wall?
if you can
you have these long plastic spikes with a round plastic disk on the end that holds the foamboard to the wall
you just bang that in the wall

Genteel Death 10.10.2012 03:32 PM

Blue-tack is totally out of the question because I won't be able to use it on the walls. Velcro strips I have taken into consideration too so far. Definitely NOT drilling into the wall.

Genteel Death 10.10.2012 03:37 PM

they are nor really thick or heavy.

EVOLghost 10.10.2012 05:44 PM you want them to look classy as hell....or trashy as hell...

stu666 10.10.2012 07:31 PM

toffee tape?

terminal pharmacy 10.10.2012 07:56 PM

magnets. or 3m hooks

floatingslowly 10.10.2012 08:31 PM

hot-glue them to the wall.

!@#$%! 10.11.2012 01:59 AM

is 3M poster tape inadequate for you or something?

Trama 10.11.2012 08:37 AM

Suction cups.

EVOLghost 10.11.2012 08:38 AM

Wet toilet paper.

Bytor Peltor 10.11.2012 08:52 AM

could it be as easy as this:

Toilet & Bowels 10.12.2012 06:40 PM

what's wrong with spray mount, it's that not the obvious solution?

dale_gribble 10.12.2012 10:40 PM

how about some organic semen? i can ship it to you post-haste.

Genteel Death 10.15.2012 04:44 AM

I'll explain a little better. The boards I am not using to mount pictures on, I am using them as an alternative to canvases and doing the creative work directly onto them. For this reason I have to be careful not to damage them in any way. I could frame them, of course, but at the moment I am going for a look that I like and right now is also more cost-effective. Also, there is a strict policy in the place where I will be exhibiting the work which prevents me from using any sticky tools that potentially can ruin the walls. Light-hooks seem to be the only viable option at the moment but I haven't had any luck in DIY shops so far for what I have in mind, so I may produce them myself and hope for the best.

demonrail666 10.15.2012 05:40 AM

Elmers do a range of putties and glues that would be perfect. They're quick drying and won't damage either the wall or the foam boards when you come to take them off.

Genteel Death 12.11.2012 02:37 PM

Thanks again for your advice. I think I have worked out how to hang my work on the wall. We put it up this Sunday and I am sharing the exhibition space with another guy. Any London-based boardies who would like to have a peep, let me know and I can let you in.

Rob Instigator 12.11.2012 03:09 PM

awesome man! take some pics and share with us heathens.

art rules.

getting paid for it rules even more.

Genteel Death 12.11.2012 03:34 PM

Thanks Rob! One of my flatmates started studying photography and just recently bought herself a decent camera. She's coming along to help me out and said that she'll take some shots. I'll try posting them on here because mine I am experiencing problems with at the moment.

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