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!@#$%! 11.13.2006 02:15 PM

baltimore/dc JANUARY gigs??
so it looks like i'll be back in the area early next year. the trouble is that some of the venues don't have their calendars updated for jan 2007 yet.

any of you know of good upcoming gigs for around the middle of that month?


krastian 11.14.2006 12:26 AM

Nothing off the top of my might want to sign up for a few newsletters or whatever (the Ottobar sends them out just about every week). There's usually something going down at the Ottobar. I honestly haven't seen any shows at the Black Cat that I would want to go see which sucks because they used to have at least one awesome show a month there.

!@#$%! 11.14.2006 01:34 PM

oh thank you. i actually think i get the ottobar newsletter in one of my shitty email addreses (like hotmail, etc). i guess i'll have to wait until later in the year to find out.

the black cat is/was awesome btw. go before it goes the way of cbgb's and gets converted into yuppie condos. you know, the MARC train to dc is supercheap. then catch the metro at union station, connect w/ the green line & get off at U street, it's just a block off. on the way back you could catch an amtrak to balto, but that's pricier. you could stay up all night of course & just ride another MAC in the morning...

i'm fucking homesick.

hat and beard 11.14.2006 02:17 PM

i have nothing to add to the initial post, but speaking of DC...

can anyone suggest something fun to do there aside from the usual touristy tedium? seedy bars, museums with giant bugs, cool record / toy / comic book stores etc. are all of interest to me. i have to take the most godawful brain pummeling exam ever invented in DC that weekend (dec. 1-3) and need something completely retarded to do to balance things out.

!@#$%! 11.14.2006 02:26 PM

try h.r. 57 on 14th street if it's still there, it's a jazz preservation place--- you get to carry your own liquor as they don't sell it there. well i hope it's still there anyway.

the velvet lounge still around?

the black cat is great and even if they don't have a good show when you are there they have a decent bar.

bars: the brickskeller? all the beers in the world....
i used to like also hm oh what was the name of this place on 18th street w/ the $2 guinness...

try also the warehouse next door on... 7th, is it? for shows. theatre, and they have a bar

best burgers on the planet are to be had @ Five Guys-- they used to be a lonely place in virginia (still there) but now they've opened various places around DC, i used to go to the chinatown one (9th & F).

if you like to dance like a spaz there are many places in adams morgan or if you are a yuppie bastard you could try the georgetown waterfront (allow me to gag).

for movies, F street theatre has good stuff, not seedy, it's a respectable multiplex, but good content

best comic + record stores are in baltimore though.

hat and beard 11.14.2006 02:35 PM

great thnks. will check these places out.

!@#$%! 11.14.2006 02:45 PM

great food in chinatown

try "full kee"
and there's this malaysian place-- burma i think it's called

well for more this is the trusted source-- go for the cheap eats/ dirt cheap eats:


what else???

hm i wonder what has cropped up lately

you know for shows try of course the 930 club though it's pricey

so the main areas to visit would be

capitol hill-- mostly government shit but the library of congres is an perpetual orgasm of books

downtonw/chinatown/7th street - formerly a seedy paradise, now the seat of such tourist traps as the espn zone & other worthless motherfucking crap. but good movies@ E STREET CINEMA (sorry i fucked up i said F street first) & good food at aforementioned places. 7th street has the shakespeare theatre, you can get cheap standing room seats, excellent company. further north is the convention center + warehouse next door + the edge of the ghetto (heh).

oh don't shit on the touristy shit, the national gallery of art has free movies on weekends and they can be fuking amazing. the national gallery of art is fucking amazing, period, both west + east wings (classical/modern).

u street/ adams morgan (annoying tourists and fast gentrification make this best during weekdays, but this is where people "party", so to speak).

georgetown (meh)

if you're going to be in the suburbs... don't lose hope, there is some life in them-- especially good restaurants

hat and beard 11.14.2006 03:06 PM

i'm not totally down on the touristy shit. a good museum every now and then (particualarly the sciencey stuff) can really get me going. i assume the smithsonian is worth a visit?

!@#$%! 11.14.2006 03:11 PM

oh yeah the natural history museum kicks fucking ass if you're into the science stuff. the airspace one too, though perhaps more kid-oriented. they have a good imax theatre though. for art, both the hirshhorn + the natl. art gallery are the shit. i'm not a fan of the american history museum, i don't even remember how it looks like.

the monuments on the other hand are crap and the line is not worth the ascent to washington's penis. i only happened to go in once because i was jogging in the morning and it had snowed and nobody was there. but it's stupid.

i forgot-- the pharmacy bar is the saving grace of adams morgan. nice people, and great jukebox.

check out the washington city paper to keep ahead of events & what not. the printed version is distributed free every thursday all around town.

hat and beard 12.07.2006 02:21 PM

thanks for the advice, !@#$%!. i had a great time hitting these places up. i did all the smithsonian shit, brickskellers, library of congress, kicked the national phallus and yelled at the white house.
oh and five guys has the most fucked up greasy awesome hamburgers ever. well done, well done.

krastian 01.09.2007 02:28 AM

Joe Lally is playing the 22nd at the Black Cat and the 23rd at the Ottobar....not sure if yr a fan of his/Fugazi, but yeah. It seems like there haven't been many good shows lately.

Acid Mothers Temple are playing the Ottobar April 23rd.....tix go on sale Januray 12th, folks.

Hayden, Xiu Xiu are playing April 5th.....I know you'll be there.

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