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EVOLghost 02.04.2012 03:22 PM

Ai Aso and Michio Kurihara
I got to know these two amazing artists through Boris. I am so glad I did. I first found out about Michio, when I went to see Boris. I was standing right in front of him. Rocking out to Boris was fun, but then this drunk guy next to me yelled "yeah!" turned to me and we high fived each other. Which then he proceeded to lean to me and point at Michio and scream his name to me. I was so thankful he did, Michio was melting my face with his sweet licks. Then, I heard about Ai Aso, through a split with Wata. Ever since, I've been listening to Ai Aso's Chamomille Pool, and Lavender Edition. And Michio's Sunset notes.

Anyways. I haven't been able to stop listening. Their sweet guitars and Ai's soft distinct voice are just the most relaxing thing ever.

and...lastly. Lavender Edition is probably my 2nd favorite record ever, right after EVOL.

jimbrim 02.08.2012 10:45 AM

I really like Michio's contributions to Damon and Naomi's albums.

EVOLghost 01.24.2013 08:48 AM

Damon and Naomi....hmmm...will check out.

I love Ai Aso's voice so....fucking much.

I also found out they're married :D! which....actually makes me prety happy to know that.


Sunset Notes.

Ai Aso's voice on Wind Waltzes and The Wind's Twelve Quarters.....holy fuck! These two beautiful peoples....makin' beautiful just.....beautifuls.

tesla69 01.24.2013 01:30 PM

Didn't see Ghost mentioned in this thread, essential Kurihara work.

I can't stand Damon and Naomi's 'music'. simply loathe it. Paint drying sounds better to me.

EVOLghost 01.24.2013 01:41 PM

Ghost? As in....the band? Or album? (nevermind. I see now.)

Also. I'm pretty sure I listened to Damon and Naomi before...I remember it being slow as crap....but I didn't know of michio's involvement with them.

vulva 01.28.2013 12:57 AM

I bought Ai Aso's live DVD and love it. I love all her albums, and girl needs to get back in the studio.

EVOLghost 01.28.2013 06:43 AM

Ah...The DVD was just loaded on youtube...thank God. I was dying to see it.

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