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bospress 11.04.2011 07:53 AM

Thurston Moore - Lion
I just published a new book of poetry from Thurston Moore. The details are below. My apologies if this is a double posting. I posted this yesterday, but it never showed up on the forum.

Thurston Moore - Lion, poetry. 28pp. 5.5" x 4.25". Cover is letterpress printed in two colors. Cover illustration by Coco Hayley Gordon Moore. Limited to an edition of 100 copies; 64 paper in dustjacket, 26 Hardcovers signed by Thurston & 10 that are housed in a custom clamshell with 8 other authors/artists.

Paperback $5 (plus postage)
Signed Hardcover $20 (SOLD OUT)
Clamshell Edition $325 (plus postage)


The 8 other authors/artists in the Clamshell edition are:
Soheyl Dahi - Always Love Always War (Poetry)
Henry Denander - POETraits (Art), with Foreword by Samuel Charters.
Jack Hirschman - 2 Arcanes (Poetry)
Marvin Malone - Plains Poems (poetry and art)
Thurston Moore - Lion (Poetry) - Cover illustration by Coco Hayley Gordon Moore.
Joseph Ridgwell - The Stanta Expedition (Short Story) - Cover Illustration by Marc Snyder
Rebecca Schumejda - From Seed to Sin (Poetry) - Illustrated by Hosho McCreesh
Scott Wannberg- All Your Misplaced Utopias (poetry)
F.N. Wright - The City of New Orleans (Poetry)

Check out bospress dot net, or PM me. These will sell out very fast.


stu666 11.04.2011 08:39 AM

thanks for this

bospress 11.04.2011 04:06 PM

Hello again,
Thanks for the orders. Just to clear things up, the postage is $2 for US and $4 overseas. This should cover it close enough for up to three copies. I do my best to NOT make money off postage and think that "Handling" fees are pure bullshit.

Also, I was the printer and bookbinder, but not the publisher, for Lee Ranaldo's book Against Refusing.


hipster_bebop_junkie 11.04.2011 08:31 PM

Thanks, I hope it's not too late for me. I would really love a copy.

bospress 11.04.2011 08:55 PM

Once it sells out, I'll post it here. Until then, it is still available.

JohnnyLurg 11.14.2011 04:47 PM

I just bought mine through Bottle of Smoke. Really looking forward to reading it.

bospress 11.15.2011 06:24 PM

OK. The paperback edition is now sold out. Everyone who emailed or paid so far is good to go.


JohnnyLurg 12.05.2011 09:40 PM

I still haven't received mine in the mail. :(

stu666 12.06.2011 05:08 PM

me neither...

bospress 12.06.2011 05:15 PM

Anyone who has not received theirs, please email me at They were all mailed out a couple weeks ago and should have all arrived by now.

stu666 12.06.2011 05:38 PM


Originally Posted by bospress
Anyone who has not received theirs, please email me at They were all mailed out a couple weeks ago and should have all arrived by now.

I'll send an email but things from the US do take a long time to get here sometimes and there's extra mail with christmas coming up... I hope it will get here soon.

hipster_bebop_junkie 12.07.2011 12:27 PM

I just this minute received mine in the mail. :)

stu666 12.15.2011 04:00 AM

Anyone in the UK got this yet? (toxic johnny?)

toxic johnny 12.15.2011 07:43 AM

Yes... I got mine a couple of weeks ago.
Has yours not arrived yet?

stu666 12.15.2011 07:59 AM

no :(

maropi 12.19.2011 06:20 AM

Mine arrived past week.

bospress 01.13.2012 08:55 PM

Did everyone get theirs? Please email me at if I still owe you anything. Thanks, Bill

stu666 01.14.2012 06:21 AM

I now have mine, thanks.

bospress 01.16.2012 09:48 PM

I am happy to announce the second printing of this book. There are 200 copies in the second printing. The poems are identical to the first printing. The cover has the same art, but on a slightly different colored paper. Copies are $5 each and can be ordered by visiting my website (bospress dot net) or just emailing me (bill at bospress dot net) and I'll hold you copies. These will be ready to ship in a couple weeks, so I'm not as worried about collecting money yet as I am about making sure that those that want these can get them.


bospress 02.05.2012 08:31 PM

There is a link to order it directly on my website (on the orders page). Don't order it under the "9 in Nine" area at the top. A few lines down, you will see the button to order Thurston Moore's Lion. Some people emailed me to order it, but I had a HDD failure and had to have it replaced by Dell, so those emails were lost. No worries, I have copies and have not sold out.


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