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the ikara cult 10.19.2011 05:24 PM

Fantasy Collaborations
Im not sure ive seen this on here before, so what would be your dream collaborations that have never happened or could never happen, be they sincere or comical, logical or perverse?

I dunno what sparked me into thinking about this but for the last couple of days ive been trying to imagine Robbie Williams and Steve Shelley's own Crucifucks collaborating. It would be the ultimate clash between a performer with the desire for approval and a performer with the desire to be loathed.

On a more sincere note, Tom Waits and Captain Beefheart would be about as perfect as i can imagine

Fire away ruffians.

super_charger 10.19.2011 09:47 PM

Lou Reed and Metallica. Now that would be awesome.

the ikara cult 11.02.2011 04:11 PM

Michael Jackson and Phil Spector, a meeting of minds

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