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E. Noisefield 09.24.2011 06:42 PM

In my opinion, Ween is one of those bands... there are very few of them... who are truly fucked up and capable enough to be a relevant creative force.

They're just a sprawling, scatter-brained blast of energy, with multiple personality disorder.

There are very few bands like them... few bands with the same tenacity, spontaneity, and actual musical ability. Among their peers are: Velvets, Beatles, SY, Lips, Beck, Pavement, and David Bowie, but precious few others.

I really like them, even when I hate them.

noisereductions 09.24.2011 07:21 PM

I'm a really big really long time fan of Ween.

E. Noisefield 09.24.2011 11:23 PM

Same. Choc&Cheese is my favorite, but the Mollusk is a dark, sinister, beautiful mess.. easy #2. After that, I can't say, but I enjoy all of their albums and think they're one of the most inventive bands of my generations (which, it seems, is over). :(

I'm an old fart.

SONIC GAIL 09.25.2011 09:11 AM

Lov the ween. Choc & chees and the mollusk easily my 2 favs. Funny u should start this thread as I have been on a ween kick the past few days.

dirty bunny 09.25.2011 01:35 PM

Ween are one of my favourite bands. They're amazing at capturing the sound of other bands, and in most cases sounding better.

SONIC GAIL 09.25.2011 03:51 PM

Hell yes!!!! My 6 year old daughter loves em.

EVOLghost 09.25.2011 03:55 PM


yeah. I heard these guys while chillin' outside of Lollapalooza.

SONIC GAIL 09.25.2011 04:05 PM

An mnakin come up

E. Noisefield 09.26.2011 09:28 AM

Sharpen yer boots, I'll bludgeon yer eye!!


I even dig GodWEENSatan. Any band that can pull of full-on hardcore and jangly folk simultaneously is awesome... it's a law of nature.

Oh, and any band that can make a song about a puppy (i.e. "Fluffy") sound gut-wrenchingly terrifying has my vote too.

Yah. Definitely one of the best bands ever.

SONIC GAIL 09.26.2011 10:24 AM

Pure guava

E. Noisefield 09.28.2011 09:24 AM

Pure Guava is the only one I don't know by heart. I have it, but have never really listened to it at length. I suck.

Let's talk about Ween some more.

Count Mecha 09.28.2011 01:37 PM

GodWEENSatan is my favorite one actually. So much going on on that record. The only one I don't care for is White Pepper, which if I recall correctly was the only record of theirs not produced by Andrew Weiss, must be something there.

I haven't really heard the new one either, La Cucaracha or however you spell it. I remember Blue Balloon though, I liked that one.

Amazing rock band, great energy. I love Live in Chicago, one of the great concert videos of any band.

pepper_green 09.08.2016 07:24 PM

I know you guys have been wildling out on how cool 311 is but, did you know dude mang that Ween is back together? why know one told me?

gurl, it's makes me so excited you can bust me out all day. lets give this excitement to the 311 guys............. say it much cooler than me.

later on tonight im going to celebrate wit some Incubus and Sublime.

I can play a guitar like a motherfucking riot.

Severian 09.08.2016 07:34 PM

Yeah, my friend just saw them (or is about to see them) in NYC.

pepper_green 09.08.2016 07:38 PM

Ween are my heroes! this is good news!!!

noisereductions 09.08.2016 07:51 PM

Had no idea they reunited. Cool.

Severian 09.08.2016 08:53 PM

Wow, they're opening for the Flaming Lips at Riot Feat in Chicago next week! Christ I wish I'd thought to look into this earlier. Touché Amore and Meat Puppets are also playing that day. Dammit. Not gonna make it.


pepper_green 09.08.2016 10:17 PM

Meat Puppets are cool. the last two Puppets albums are great.

so is 311. best band ever.

Severian 09.09.2016 08:46 AM


Originally Posted by PLips
It's $25 US pm me if you want a copy. I can encode it for EuroDVD zone but i'd probably have to charge more for shipping


Wait, you made this?

This is pretty fantastic. Excellent likenesses for a penciled cartoon drawing.

I might have tried using a really thin (.001) tip artist's pen to give it a bit more definition. I can't read what's on the drums, or make out 40% of any of the background, but this is really cool.

You have more like this, you say? Cartoons and the like? I'd love to see.

Peterpuff 09.09.2016 10:17 AM


Originally Posted by PLips
Type in 'The Quest for Boog Island' on youtube. It's my Dean Ween Les Claypool fishing cartoon starring ween forumers. It's the feature presentation on the DVD

Last I heard of this show was when they were looking for people to send in clips of themselves singing the anthem via facebook. I am hoping this project is still a go, and is still in whatever pilot phase or process it takes? I have not heard anything about it in quite some time (I am a huge Primus fan, personally).

Also a Ween fan, but not near the level of my Primus or SY fandom. Choc & Cheese is also a personal fav, but for some reason I also connected to Quebec big-time. I don't think it's as appreciated as some others by their main fanbase, but I really, really like that album a lot.

I have only seen them once, back in '96 opening for Foo Fighters. It was just Dean and Gene with a drum machine. Such a great evening that was. Had to skip my senior prom to go, but have never had regrets. I made the right choice for certain! :) Always wanted to see a full band Ween show though.

Clicked the cartoon to watch, but at work and noticed it was 20+ minutes. Spot-checked through it though and it looks really cool! Looking forward to getting home tonight and checking it out!

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