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stu666 06.10.2011 01:32 AM

Thurston on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon Wednesday June 22nd
just saw this on facebook, can someone record please.

stu666 06.21.2011 01:23 AM


atari 2600 06.21.2011 10:15 AM

Bob Mould's on too on "Wednesday" night's Fallon...& then Archers of Loaf Friday.

stu666 06.22.2011 09:31 AM


mil_pl 06.22.2011 01:07 PM

Looking forward to it.

Pelle 06.22.2011 01:39 PM

Gonna be interesting..

Adolfo 06.22.2011 02:53 PM

looking forward for the 1080p mkv.

mil_pl 06.22.2011 03:52 PM


Originally Posted by Adolfo
looking forward for the 1080p mkv.

Haha, yeah.

Adolfo 06.22.2011 05:07 PM

i'm not asking. anyway... audioperv is going to save us all. bless him

stu666 06.23.2011 01:56 AM


EVOLghost 06.23.2011 03:52 AM

thanks stu!

skipvacuum 06.23.2011 04:22 AM

thanks too stu..though did anyone capture the show somehow..i missed it...or does anyone know how i can download the clip stu posted...any help appreciated

Adolfo 06.23.2011 04:45 AM

skipvacuum 06.23.2011 04:55 AM


Originally Posted by Adolfo

thank you very much...didn't want to leave for work until i saw it....

Pelle 06.23.2011 05:25 AM

That was FANTASTIC!!!

mil_pl 06.23.2011 05:57 AM

Wowza, what a powerful performance of Circulation, great ending.

hipster_bebop_junkie 06.23.2011 10:36 AM

Great. Thanks for the links. Also, i'm glad to see atari 2600's comeback.

I super-like this thread.

chicka 06.23.2011 11:49 AM

thanks for sharing. As always simply amazing.....

stu666 01.22.2012 09:43 AM


Blood Never Lies

JohnEsmoke 01.22.2012 03:33 PM

Am I the only one who find this awfull ??

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