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hat and beard 08.16.2006 04:12 AM

mp3 blogs of interest
this one introduced me to tons of shit i NEVER would have heard otherwise.
thats the only good one i know. how bout you?

porkmarras 08.16.2006 04:19 AM

The one you just listed(and as i've posted already on the 'What are you listening to' thread) is one of my favourites.Mp3 blogs are great because you find rare and sometimes unrealeased gems and you get to read about them as well.

porkmarras 08.16.2006 04:23 AM

This one here is always very informative:

porkmarras 08.16.2006 04:49 AM


DJ Rick 08.16.2006 01:20 PM
Best of Scott's thrift-store rummages.
Wide variety of ephemeral weirdness and puke with Tony Rettman's excellent writing.
Fatty Jubbo's wonderfully weird picks
No mp3's, but there's some of the best music writing to be read anywhere.
Entire EP's and occasional LP's worth of rare punk and HC from the classic bootleggable era.
UK-based blog with enthusiasm for all new sounds

hat and bread 08.16.2006 09:01 PM

thanks both of you. these links look great.

sonikold 08.17.2006 03:13 PM

mine in the sig.


nomadicfollower 08.21.2006 06:54 PM

I never really gave blogs much attention, but after searching a few of the ones posted I found this:
It's a nice little site. It seemed, to me, like there was a lot of prog rock on there, though.

schizophrenicroom 08.21.2006 07:01 PM

i like

Everyneurotic 08.21.2006 07:02 PM

themawt71 08.21.2006 10:23 PM

free jazz etc..
has ornettes quartet performance from last year maybe in NY among many other hard to get/out of print great shit. cecil taylor big band....!

porkmarras 02.15.2007 05:18 AM


porkmarras 02.15.2007 05:31 AM

The early Thatcher years were a grim time for Britain. The world economic slump bit deep and UK dole queues were lengthening, while neo-Nazis gathered in the shadows. All was not gloom, however - as usual, music came to the rescue. At one point it seemed as though every second person in London was in a band, ran a small independent record label or reviewed gigs for the NME.

This website offers a random slice of the music of the time, in the form of eight tracks from North East London independent label Melodia Records' Red Tape. The tape was a 1984 benefit release, and featured 'leftover' raw-edged recordings donated by bands whose normal output was refined to a far higher level. The result is, to say the least, of uneven technical quality - but, in my view, that is what gives the tape its own peculiar appeal.

Sadly, Melodia is no more and, to my knowledge, none of the bands featured are still gigging, though most of the individuals involved are still going strong in music and media. Take this for what it is, and enjoy it as a set of out-takes from pop history. And so, on to the music...
Fin Fahey

porkmarras 02.15.2007 09:46 AM

Rato Records Blog

In this little corner it’s my intention to reveal and share music and songs that had made yesterday’s delights (the 50s, the 60s and the 70s), a time where life was more beautiful and less complicated. For the people of my generation I hope to give the memories back again; for the others, the youngest, I only can give the expectations of discovery. Have fun!

porkmarras 02.15.2007 10:44 AM

porkmarras 02.15.2007 10:54 AM

Here's an interesting greek mp3 blog where i've found some good music,even though i can't read the language:

V/A : Cicadas - An Electric Guide To The Greek Underground

Blue Light - About Lunch Time

No Man's Land - Blue Train
Human Grape-Avenue of pain
Mushrooms-Colour devotion
Villa 21-Take you down
Anti-Troppau Council-Horizons
Human Grape-My favourite show
Villa 21-Six feet in the ground
No Man's Land-Don't run away
Blue Light-Take me away
Anti-Troppau Council-Shine
Mushrooms-Polar night

nicfit 02.15.2007 10:57 AM

porkmarras, my bookmarks' list is too long, please stop!!!

p.s. i still can't rep you, i hate this limitations.

porkmarras 02.15.2007 11:10 AM

Many Thanks.

porkmarras 02.28.2007 09:24 AM

porkmarras 02.28.2007 09:29 AM

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