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blunderbuss 05.02.2011 01:13 PM

Ashtray Navigations & the UK DIY Underground article / interviews
Part one:
Part two:

Glice 05.02.2011 02:04 PM

Whoah. I didn't realise you people were reading that site. How exciting.

Seth (author of that article) is amazing, by the way.

the ikara cult 05.05.2011 03:44 PM

yeah, much deserved profile of one of my personal heroes in music.

For Newbies an introduction.

Download "Heavy Flow Traffic or blind faith" if you have never listened to Ash Nav before.

the ikara cult 05.06.2011 08:19 AM

Im spinning Red Culture right now, god this record is good.

Glice 10.08.2011 08:03 AM

Documentary on Ash Nav for your eyes.

Also - they're playing the 27th Oct in Brighton at Komedia. Come watch them be awesome.

Genteel Death 01.26.2013 07:31 AM


Ashtray Navigations/Pelktopia split LP out on Tokyo's Yogoh Record label.

jon boy 01.28.2013 01:51 AM

you can still get the suckle the pups albums on fencing flatworm.

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