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The Watcher 04.23.2011 11:28 PM

Are they doing a 20th anniversary version of Nevermind?
Will they?

Should they?

I mean I bet they could do a good job with this sort of thing, like the Bleach reissue..... I mean I bet there are some grimm demos or some brutal live sets and the like lurking in the shadows........ Record companies are all about making money I'll have you know, I'm surprised to find little to no information on such a potentially profitable scheme/enterprise.........

hipster_bebop_junkie 04.23.2011 11:54 PM

They'll most likely release something closely related to that album, if not a remastered version with some filler, although Nirvana's whole discography has all been remastered recently from the original analog tapes and released in 180 gram vinyl format. You might think it won't make sense to release another one so soon, but one never knows what's going on in the minds of the people who are in charge of all things Nirvana these days.


Surely something will be announced soon. There's an official Nirvana website that has just recently gone online:
At the moment, it doesn't offer any content other than a subscription form for getting newsletters.

One of the benefits of the album's anniversary for us Sonic Youth fans at least, is certainly that "1991: The Year Punk Broke" is gonna be finally released after many years of unfulfilled expectations.

Fantagraphic Books has released a book, "Taking Punk to the Masses: From Nowhere to Nevermind - A Visual History from the Permanent Collection of Experience Music Project", in relation to the exhibit currently taking place at Experience Music Project Museum in Seattle, Washington.


Link to purchase the book: lypage&product_id=1993&category_id=16&manufacturer _id=0&option=com_virtuemart&Itemid=62&vmcchk=1&Ite mid=62

Some info about the exhibit:

RanaldoNecro 04.24.2011 02:59 PM

I don't really need a re-vist. Once I get saturarted with an album I never go back.

The Watcher 04.24.2011 03:46 PM

Nevermind was the hardest for me to reacquaint myself with, I had taken a looooooong break from the band and I was totally happy to be able to pick up incesticide, in utero and bleach in the used bin for $5 each and then found a copy of Nevermind at my wife's mothers house, it's a great record although k still bypass "smells like teen spirit" due to total and complete oversaturation, but I think I'd be more interest in live and demo stuff than a straight ahead volume war remaster...... I was just so impressed with the Sub Pop reissues of late (Bleach, Mudhoney, etc) but I forget it's DGC that'd be doing this one..... although those Sonic Youth ones are really well done I think......

Aaaaaaanyway, I think those demos above will be great, thanks for the link!

RanaldoNecro 04.24.2011 04:24 PM

never heard that one. and I've heard many of them.

chrome noise tape 04.24.2011 05:42 PM

who are they?, please don't tell me the grunge widow need money...any way bleach it's my nirvana album.

The Watcher 04.24.2011 06:40 PM


Originally Posted by chrome noise tape
who are they?, please don't tell me the grunge widow need money...any way bleach it's my nirvana album.

If you say it out loud you wake up and there's a cows head in your bed...... you're messing with forces I don't think your mind can even comprehend.......


Originally Posted by kinnikpasswordforgetter

I wish I could un-see this :( ..........

noisereductions 04.24.2011 07:41 PM


Originally Posted by RanaldoNecro

never heard that one. and I've heard many of them.

um isn't this the version on WITH THE LIGHTS OUT ?

hipster_bebop_junkie 04.24.2011 09:09 PM


Originally Posted by chrome noise tape
who are they?, please don't tell me the grunge widow need money...any way bleach it's my nirvana album.

Speculation and re-hash of ideas expressed in the past, below (and long-ass post so maybe you all might wanna skip it):

"Nobody's Daughter" (and the return of Hole to performing live) was a flop, wasn't it? She still surely has enough money for candies, but some more won't hurt her finances. Let's keep in mind that there are Nirvana or Kurt Cobain items officially released almost perpetually, such as: The "Cobain Unseen" book, the ORG remasters, "Hormoaning" 7" Record Store Day exclusive... She's hardly the only party involved in this, though. Kind of hard to know who are all of those people that would have a piece of the Nirvana cake (and maybe that's why The Watcher didn't even try to give out names), but here's my lame attempt at making a list of the people that would most likely get a bit of money from the sales of a potential 20th anniversary edition of "Nevermind", it surely will inevitably fail to include everyone: Nirvana LLC; Nirvana's record label (Universal Music) and management, all people who participated in the making of the record who have the right to royalties besides the band, this includes Butch Vig, who produced the album; Andy Wallace for mixing it; Kirk Canning (he contributed cello on "Something In The Way"); Chad Channing (Played drums on that particular version of "Polly" when it was demoed at Sound City Studios and the demo ended up being the final version on the album after some tweaking in the studio); Robert Fisher and Michael Lavine for their contributions in design and photography; Spencer Elden for being the naked baby on the cover, etc....

A few years ago Courtney Love put for sale a percentage (20% if i remember correctly) of the copyrights to the Nirvana catalog, it was rumored that U2's Bono was eagerly trying to purchase it through his firm, Elevation Partners. I don't know if he actually did buy it and don't feel like looking that up, in case he did he'd be getting money out of the sales of who knows how many Nirvana releases, surely "Nevermind" included.

Anyway, if the many parts with financial interests in Nirvana would get to an agreement to only permit We Got Power Films to release the DVD of "1991: The Year Punk Broke" and absolutely none other thing, i guess i'd be satisfied with that although i'm aware there are Nirvana live recordings worthy of an official release (November 25, 1990 at the Off Ramp, although supposedly the master tape of the encore was destroyed and no audio files exist other than those sourced from MP3s; November 25, 1991 at Paradiso in The Netherlands; December 28, 1991 in Del Mar, California; and especially Halloween of 1991 at the Paramount in Seattle), also there must be demos and studio sessions that would be a joy to listen to (i wanna hear all the "Nevermind" sessions, particularly that one when they played "Endless, Nameless", godamnit) but they probably are currently stored on some safety box away even from the sunlight. So there's material for a potential product, but somehow i don't trust them anymore to actually release something good enough ("MTV Unplugged In New York", "Live: Tonight! Sold Out!", and the "Live At Reading" DVDs being possible exceptions). "With The Lights Out" wasn't all that great despite including many rarities, just a compilation thrown together without much care, "Sliver-The Best Of The Box" was lame, the audio versions of "Reading 1992" were so flawed in certain aspects, too. And even though Jack Endino was involved in remastering "Bleach", that one was also a disappointment. It was not necessary. Also, poor choice of a live recording that documented that era, there are better ones, speaking of sound and performance, circulating out there. The best thing about that reissue, was the lot of previously unreleased pictures for sure, but in these days that's not a good reason to get a remaster copy of an album, considering there's better content in terms of Nirvana eye-candy in sites such as tumblr.

hipster_bebop_junkie 04.24.2011 09:35 PM

Here's something for you, The Watcher:
This one includes the demo version of "Old Age", which is supposed to be sourced from a lower generation tape than the one officially released on "With The Lights Out". Ha, you probably don't care about that. Anyway, the rest of the songs are unreleased demos. I can upload the other discs (Studio sessions, Radio broadcasts, and Live rarities) if you want.

The Watcher 04.24.2011 09:37 PM


Originally Posted by hipster_bebop_junkie
(and maybe that's why The Watcher didn't even try to give out names)

I'm trying to save lives here...... one day you're harmless chatting about how someone is making a mint off this band and the next you're looking down the barrel of a gun.......

That being said if Bono owns any stake in profits garnered by this consider this thread officially revoked I want nothing to do with that sort of nonsense........ I'd rather give my money to Michael Jackson's test tube babies........

hipster_bebop_junkie 04.24.2011 09:44 PM

Ha ha. Yeah, no matter how much one might enjoy Nirvana's music, it certainly is wrong to make things better for Courtney Love and (possibly) Bono as a result of one's fandom. That being said, i'm sure Sonic Youth and Dave Markey, to name a few, would benefit from the release of "1991: The Year Punk Broke" on DVD and that's something positive.

Anyway, it's all speculation on my part. I cannot assure Abono is a Nirvana copyright holder, i just know he was trying to be, when Courtney put a stake on sale alleging it was too much of a burden for her to handle the whole thing on her own.

The Watcher 04.24.2011 09:54 PM

I really just appreciate the heads up - the notion that Bono might profit from such a purchase from my hard earned money is on par with advice like "don't drink poison" and "Scott Pilgrim vs The World is the worst movie you will ever see why not just drink poison to avoid watching it"........

hipster_bebop_junkie 04.24.2011 10:07 PM

Ha, ha.

I know what you mean. I've taken notes that i shouldn't ever check out "Scott Pilgrim VS. The World", or maybe just the graphic novel but skip the movie? Oftentimes, comics are much better than their adaptations to the big screen.

Sorry for derailing the thread.

The Watcher 04.24.2011 10:28 PM

Don't be sorry..... Frankly I wish I had a printer and a time machine that I could use to print the text of this thread out then take the time machine back one year and give the printed copy of the thread to myself.........

EVOLghost 04.25.2011 12:47 AM


Originally Posted by noisereductions
um isn't this the version on WITH THE LIGHTS OUT ?

yes. yes it is.

SONIC GAIL 04.25.2011 07:50 AM

This thread is making me fell very old

noisereductions 04.25.2011 09:22 AM

I'm just scratching my head about this excitement for "Old Age," I mean it's an awesome song, but it was awesome when it was released on the boxset, and awesome when released on Sliver as well. Why is this like... news?

SONIC GAIL 04.25.2011 09:37 AM

WTLO is great. I really enjoyed having new songs to listen to.

noisereductions 04.25.2011 10:01 AM


Originally Posted by SONIC GAIL
WTLO is great. I really enjoyed having new songs to listen to.

agreed. I straight up love that boxset. I have no issues with it. I'd like a second one.

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