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Genteel Death 07.17.2010 07:14 AM

Hype Williams
I might go to see them play next week. Headling is Wavves. I don't care for Swavves. Anyway, hatred time. They've been compared by some blogger with a gay heart to The Skaters.

demonrail666 07.17.2010 08:06 AM

I saw them play at some gallery last year. I don't know the other bands you mentioned so I can't compare them but, iirc, they were doing things with a drum when I saw them.

the ikara cult 07.17.2010 02:53 PM

thats a funny bill, Wavves having gone all Green Day (which is a good thing). What ive heard of Hype Williams sounds fairly different musically to me. I get the sense anything thats recorded cheaply gets lumped in as being similar when its not generally true.

Where is this gig?

Genteel Death 09.29.2010 04:50 PM

They are special yes.

the ikara cult 09.29.2010 08:54 PM

I kinda wish id taken the plunge and bought the actual vinyl copy before the Wire review ensured it was sold out, it is an impressive piece of work, its a distillation of all the more adventurous things ive been listening to over the last 2 years or so, the stuff thats taken me out of my guitar comfort zone. They sounds like they would be right at home releasing stuff on Olde English Spelling Bee, actually

noisereductions 09.29.2010 09:13 PM

Hype Williams is a band?


I just know the (video) director.

guest 06.20.2014 09:22 AM

2 new traxxxxxxxxx, flexin and kim gordon, the latter being the stand-out. from what I was told last year it's dean + a friend, new record coming on hyperdub this year.

dead_battery 06.20.2014 11:01 AM

no comparison to skaters

still gude nice teeth

SYRFox 06.20.2014 11:47 AM

there's a new track from dean blunt & inga copeland on the forthcoming hyperdub compilation and it sounds really good

halgreen 10.29.2014 01:04 AM

bumping an old thread...
but dean blunt's black metal is my favorite record of the year. I'm waiting till the weekend to listen again. But damn, my first listen was so dope.

guest 10.29.2014 02:58 AM

excited for that one, the first single with joanne robertson was really, really great.

guest 08.13.2016 06:03 AM

for those who missed it, there's a new hype williams lp out there called 10/10. 'official' word is that blunt and copeland aren't involved but it's very obviously blunt's instrumental offcuts from a couple years back, not the record that was meant to be on hyperdub after black is beautiful...give the man some skrilla -

pepper_green 08.21.2016 02:43 PM

they are crap. boring loser garbage!

what you think about my opinion? you gonna be a little tattle tale and report me to the principal like a snitch?

huh? u can't do nothing about it, bitch!!

their taste in music is stronger than their talent. they should just shut up, smoke weed and hide their music and fuck like hedonists like they are.

guest 01.19.2017 07:17 AM

^yeah true

another batch of new stuff is slowly coming out at the moment (, former in particular being pretty good. don't know what is going on in terms of membership as most of it sounds like blunt dicking around in his room, others are languid instrumental cuts, some sketchy miniatures. suppose that's beside the point though...

Diesel 01.21.2017 11:14 AM

^^Cheers. 2nd link isn't working.

Diesel 01.21.2017 11:16 AM

Nevermind, think I found the link.

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