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SonicBebs 04.25.2010 01:49 PM

tell me what to do
should i bother getting Nervermind The Bollocks Here's the Sex Pistols?

i've never had it and never really saw the point of getting it (heard the famous songs natch). I mean, is there any point to it today?

watching the Malcolm Maclaren doc last night made it seem really important (it would do wouldn't it) and that i should own it but really, is there any need for me to have this album now?

Derek 04.25.2010 01:50 PM

Avoid and buy some Public Image Ltd.

_slavo_ 04.25.2010 01:52 PM

Avoid and buy some groceries.

SonicBebs 04.25.2010 01:52 PM

i may be wrong, i may be right

akprodr 04.25.2010 01:56 PM

I think it is a strong album. I love 'pretty vacant'.

radarmaker 04.25.2010 03:34 PM

Go steal a copy. Malcolm would be proud.

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