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FreshChops 04.25.2010 01:29 AM

my first video attempt
so I was just posting in the SYG forum and randomly reached the "stalker" status.... well, I was so excited I had to run and record something celebratory for the occasion. It's just a room capture recording with some looping and drumming. Likely not to most here's taste, but what the hecks:

shabbray2.0 04.25.2010 08:15 AM

I thiught you were editing film like mad, hahaah
imagined some drum playershots been cutted to make some new drum loops...but: a lot of nice gear oyu (which means you) got there

atsonicpark 04.25.2010 08:28 AM

I enjoyed it.

shabbray2.0 04.25.2010 08:32 AM

I forgot to mention: I did too!

nicfit 04.25.2010 08:50 AM


Derek 04.25.2010 09:15 AM

It was pretty cool!

chrome noise tape 04.25.2010 09:28 AM


that's what i call one man band. nice melody!

Green_mind 04.25.2010 12:50 PM

sweet, that set up looks well fun

chicka 04.25.2010 03:18 PM

yup enjoyable.

EVOLghost 04.25.2010 10:24 PM

love the melody.

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