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atsonicpark 04.23.2010 01:59 AM

holy fuck! every episode of mst3k! K%29

dionysusundone 04.25.2010 12:42 AM

*thumbs up*

Dr. Eugene Felikson 04.25.2010 01:10 AM

Wow. Thanks.

Jeremy 04.25.2010 04:47 AM

Still my all time favorite Mystery Science Theater 3000 episode. Thanks for the heads up on the torrent, even if it is so fucking huge.


stu666 04.25.2010 04:51 AM

Jeremy, you can choose which parts of the torrent to d/l if you don't want to get it all.

Jeremy 04.25.2010 04:54 AM

True Stu, but at the moment I am using a borrowed laptop unfortunately so I'm trying to hold off on downloading anything until I reinstall some drivers on my computer.


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