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atsonicpark 04.22.2010 05:15 PM

bilge pump
amazing band.

amerikangod 04.22.2010 05:56 PM

Kind of just a newer, more British, twattier version of U.S. Maple.

Glice 04.22.2010 05:59 PM

Good live. Never been so hot on record, to my ears. A mate of mine played with them (as in, on the same bill) - nice chaps to boot, apparently.

atsonicpark 04.22.2010 06:07 PM

The drummer KILLS the U.S. Maple guy, but yeah I can see some similarities.

batreleaser 04.22.2010 09:03 PM

I love U.S. Maple. "Long Hair in Three Stages" is a weirdly good album to listen to when you work out. Will check these dudes out.

atsonicpark 04.22.2010 09:10 PM

It's vaguely Maple-y, with a drummer who Brian Chippendale admires.

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