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Glice 04.21.2010 03:47 AM

Interview with Brian Higgins
I'm sure a lot of you don't know who Higgins is. Even those of you who like his tunes. I'm of the opinion he's been responsible for some of the best songs of the last decade. There's a really good interview here that I really enjoyed. I know most of you aren't interested, but he makes some really good points about what's wrong with guitar music, and what's right about pop music.

demonrail666 04.21.2010 04:14 AM

Great interview! I actually found a lot of it quite inspiring. I can't say I agreed with him about Franz Ferdinand but I can at least see why he said it. Absolutely spot on about Cowell/reality TV, i thought.

Would rep but computer says no

Glice 04.21.2010 05:10 AM

Yeah, he seems to have completely the right idea about things (although I entirely agree about Franz Ferdinand - never got thatm). I think he makes a really interesting point about the problem of creatively-hermetic bands, which probably explains that 'difficult 3rd album' syndrome better than I could.

demonrail666 04.21.2010 07:17 AM

He was spot on about Liberty X, too, as was the much misunderstood Pete Waterman when he took a similar view of Rick Astley, when he tried to do his own thing and was predictably never to be seen again.

Anyway, forget the Election debates, I want Higgins, Waterman and Cowell, head to head, in front of the people, outlining strategies.

Toilet & Bowels 04.22.2010 08:47 AM

it's hard to take someone's thoughts on rock music seriously when their points of reference are franz ferdinand, the arctic monkeys, & arctic monkeys rip off bands. i'd say his points about rock music are more applicable to guitar bands trying to make it in pop, rather than actual rock bands.

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