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dntrecords 04.19.2010 03:44 PM

DNT fundraiser part two
the DNT release schedule is jammed packed (lps by sean mccann, caboladies, edibles, family underground, among others) so help me out! there are 100+ items on ebay, all starting at 99cents. thanks! (and sorry for the spam-ness of this thread..but I know there are a handful of people on here into this kind of music)

blunderbuss 04.19.2010 03:50 PM

Yep, I'll be watching at least one of those.

stu666 04.20.2010 01:22 AM

thanks for posting here!

dntrecords 04.21.2010 07:01 PM

you're welcome

dntrecords 04.23.2010 01:18 PM

2 days left

dntrecords 04.25.2010 12:53 PM

everything ends today/tonight

dntrecords 04.25.2010 11:49 PM

final bump

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