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Genteel Death 04.07.2010 04:32 PM

Fuck Knuckles
Anyone seen these guys live? What are they like? Also, if you happened to have seen them, what are Das Bastard (they share members with them) like?

goatsperm 04.18.2010 05:23 PM

saw them in london. i read about the amount of amps they were taking and thought i'd better check it out. i figured they'd be a sunn0))) rip or something but i got a total suprise. loop stations and real ambience i never saw coming. worth checking out. never seen das bastard. would like to though. its the same vocalist in each band. best stage show i have seen in a while. i'm not sure he even knew he was on stage.

Genteel Death 04.22.2010 03:03 AM

Goody goody. Thanks.

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